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They took John Ross immediately after that the chiefs took paprika homes it will though they had Alex Smith and they had won ten games right then the that that coming and then that and then at twelve the Texans take the show on watch eight twenty eighteen the Bengals draft Billy price who lost his job in training camp this year correct and who did they pass on probably some other quarterback lumbar Jackson oops so that's like the red years ago taking Chad Mottola the Yankees then took Derek Jeter sag somebody down there made a decision to let Andrew Whitworth goal for one extra year on his contract and ten million more dollars what's happened since twenty fifteen this team is a total laps you know what you got to give Marvin Lewis is due because Marvin Lewis held this thing together that's correct and they okay maybe they win six seven games everybody yell and scream about six seven wins a one with six or seven the guy kept it together and that this poor guy was down there now he doesn't know whether to sycamore come here I mean here he we look at not not good how's he doing has more to do it this week those jobs I saw some I saw some photos he's on the ridge crews last night they love San Francisco at the head dark or darkness under the Golden Gate Bridge on his Reds cruiser through the Pacific Ocean he sat in my chair my favorite establishment and dined last week he sat in my chair I was not there I was not sitting at it but I just rules I was told you so he and Jim day and they sat in my room I just want to let you know if that does that does that chair being sent off to the tri state broadcasting hall of fame or something or what if that you're could talk amen to that area that you're good to a college basketball than I can brew I did number twenty one Xavier in Missouri at six.

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