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Was complicit. Or directed this Kelly, obviously, we cannot do business as usual Senator Jeff flake White House officials say an investigation is underway. But President Trump says he's reluctant to limit weapon. Sales to the Saudis US stock futures plunged five hundred points, Thursday extending its two-day loss by more than thirteen hundred points. President Trump is blaming the Federal Reserve's interest rate hike for the market slump. As Wall Street analysts say, it's the president's tariffs and trade wars putting investors on edge. The president offered prayers to victims and survivors of hurricane Michael saying his administration is in constant contact with all the effected states. It went through like a bullet. But it was a devastating bullet. Those are your political insights. I'm Emily row. ABC news rapper Kanye west held court in the Oval Office Thursday for nearly half hour discussing everything for race relations to building airplanes ABC's. Andy Field has details on the unusual meeting. Kanye west had a lot to say we have to release the love liberal would try to control. A black person. Do the concept of racism stop and frisk? Does not help the relationship. I don't ask them questions as simple science sound bites. You you're tasting a fine wine something you don't hear every day in the Oval Office. He might have expected to have a crazy mother like Kanye west the president's reaction. I'll tell you what that was pretty impressive. Field. ABC news, Washington. He was President Trump's longtime attorney and a former deputy finance chairman of the Republican National Committee. Michael Cohen who pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations related to the hush money. Paid the porn stars. Stormy Daniels is switching political parties. ABC's? Aaron Katersky has more his attorney called it. Michael Cohen latest step in a split from President Trump Cohen has switched his party affiliation and registered as a democrat Cohen was previously registered as a democrat before he switched to the Republican party in two thousand seventeen Cohen as pleaded guilty to a felony charge. But until he sentenced he is still eligible to vote in the midterm elections. Komo.

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