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Might be back. The. They are back there officially back teams. Professional. Team Sports are happening on your television this week. In North America, that is the thing that is happening zero test positive in the NBA bubble. Why don't they build the entire country out of the bubbles with debis? and. We have a vaccine common, and its positive is only, and we're feeling good, and that's it. Do you have anything else? No, I need a haircut, Nassau. They're building on the barber shops and the bubble the. Bubble then I could go to easy haircut, but I've already decided I'm not getting a haircut, so we're back in the studio and person so I. Don't think that's going to be the sounds like it sounds very hairs and Barnes Am I. GonNa Shave my beard until we make the. And the Kings they got lots of injuries Harrison Barnes in quarantine right now. You don't you don't WanNa play this game, but also kind of like it. I'm growing my here. I decided that like I'll get a haircut when we do the first podcast. We do back in studio. When I can I can reach across the table. Slap in the face. Do you have a shooting? Take I have a haircut for that, but not a moment before. That's what out growed up. Big Book clubs starting on Sunday a brief history time by Stephen Hawking reach after one and two by Sunday. If you want to take part in this book club starting on Instagram, it is. It has been hilarious seeing the response so far a lot of people in the DM's. SHUTOUT, the, Stanford Steve who DM, me, when I said I was starting the Big Brain Book Club. I'm so, this is a great idea. And then I announced. What book it wasn't. He replied never mind I'm out. Great start that you had me. Yeah the Bev, what asking me could I listened to the Audio Book instead? What if I just read the wikipedia page? Can I take part of? It's. It's off to a very poor start so far. I think people are missing the point of the Big Brain, book club, but we're still going to charge on, so if you WanNa take part net were reading two chapters a week and reading Sunday Sunday. You mean so low that. All Right? That's show, did it? Yeah, we'll be back at the We'll be back at the end of the week another show..

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