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Titans and Ravens job in the deep back will carry up the middle. Dobbin puts his head down barrels forward, and it is a touchdown JK Dobbins with a second effort on the Ravens to have the lead. We just have to win games. Many games we can 10 hail looks fires, Brown makes the catch of the 10 spinning. Having his way to the far booth. Wow. How did he do it? Wow, Touchdown Titans, Arthur one around carrying the found you to be these guys his coach thankful as we approach Thanksgiving, thankful to be their football coach, That's one of the more than a little physical. We were not feel like we don't you took off without the gas game on the line. The kick is up, and it is good. And with 15 seconds remaining, we are all tied at 24 haven't sunk office. It seems we got the ball that we're gonna find a way though. It's marching down and give me an answer, or Henry gets to carry running left Henry to the 2500 and 20 to the 15. Yeah. So Yeah. Yes. Yes. Touchdown Titans! The Titans will run out of Baltimore with a shocker it ot. Oh, yes. Did I say yes. Yes, I'm going there tomorrow. Boothe team wins. Eric Henry 133 yards rushing in the game winning 29 yard.

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