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Brooks on KNBR sports leader nor cal natives no it's the perfect time of year to be on a bike so get rolling for less at Mike thanks make a sale now through Sunday if their biggest craziest very last single of the year only at the bay area's favorite local bike shop Mike's place get you fixed your buying power and friendly advice from local cycling experts in a winning combo to save you money on the right bike for you rapid road bikes rugged mountain bikes move writing cruisers city electric bikes and playful kids bikes from specialized Santa Cruz BMC or bay of public and more every bike at Mike's is ready to roll at the lowest make a sale price of the year Mike spikes is jam packed with insane deals on bikes and gear up to forty percent off by twenty percent off all shoes and helmets gloves fifteen Bucks troops half price flock to lie to Jules to tires every item in every storage place to move it make a sale shop early for the best selection and enjoy the ride all season long twelve stores all around the bay with detailed directions and all the mega seal deals at Mike's bikes dot com that'll fast make a sale is only here to Sunday and it's only at Mike's bikes this hour's sponsored by a wheel horse wheel works doesn't just have premium tire they have all the services to keep them that way and they handle all services maintenance tires and repairs with the best parts prices and people around visit we'll works dot net to see all the latest offers this is Jim Rome of CBS sports minutes sponsored by Hilton dot com expect better expect Hilton so what are you doing Saturday afternoon at ten A. M. and why Noone in Alaska one PM Pacific two PM mountain three PM central four PM eastern here is at hand about what you might be doing because I listed all the time zone in the United States the reason I did so is that America's team is running it back once again that's right the Cleveland Browns for taking on the colts in week two of the pre season and I know some of you especially long time browns' fans are saying dial it back Rome I get it you've been devastated so many times before after all this is the fan base they gave us the factory of sadness and all my god this is not happening except it is happening and instead of being afraid of the expectations you should embrace them you do not water down the Browns hi Adam zero you mean into it I'm Jim Rome your that you.

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