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National car rental. Go national go like a pro official partner of the PGA. Sports. Only thing that would be more bizarre is if they wanna play the game tonight and forget about the postponement then decide way to second will play the game beginning at midnight. No, no, no fake nose. Doni? I shouldn't even say anything or make a joke about anything like that where they finally called the game. So no game tonight. And again, as you know, single admission double header on Wednesday first pitch three, oh five as far as tonight goes with the craziness and the grounds crew working overtime. And then some to get the outfield to where it would be in decent enough condition where nobody would get hurt especially in our and a heads coming off the I L at he was going to be leading off the inky tonight. So with common sense employ. They find. Called the game. And here is right after the final and official word that the game was going to be canceled. Aaron Boone had this to say. I mean, obviously you getting ready to play everyone's getting hot. And you know, you get your pitcher warmed up and stuff. And then realize that, you know, obviously, I think everyone saw by the images and whatnot that just wasn't playable there when we thought that I don't know if that's just result of obviously a lot of rain today. But I know the last couple of days a lot of rain because usually you know, the field drains pretty well. It was just. Obviously a bad situation there where it wasn't you know, the standing water in left field. And then then all of a sudden the emerging thought that maybe more rain was on the way. Definitely I think the right call to to to put this one off what does that do for your pitching staff moving forward. So Jay Happel, stay online tomorrow, Domingo's hormone will make one of the starts Wednesday. And then in the other game, it'll just kind depend on. You know, our bullpen usage who's available. So it could be a number of things for that for that second game. Sweetie. Aaron the way you understood it was just kind of a race between trying to get the field ready. And when the rain was going to start again. Yeah, initially, it was, you know, obviously, both pitchers ready kind of time everything around that. But then the the water situation was more than anyone anticipated. And you you obviously saw our guys working hard trying to get it all out of there and in every way could but it was just taking a while. And then all of a sudden, you know, the reports emerged that some potential moderate rain was still on the way. So then you're talking about when do we start this? Now, you're talking about pictures being down in any way. So it became a a pretty dicey situation. And I think the wise move to to put this one off. Yes. And has for them. No not. No, he would be you know, probably play tomorrow. But you know, certainly in play for one of the games the following day. We'll just kinda see how. That'll be a discussion with Larry Lewis and see where we think he is and his availability. Our trying to read your body like you and high this game to be called. But what was the hold up? It seemed like such the obvious thing. Well, no, I mean, I think first and foremost can we get the water situation handled and how quickly so that was the first order of business. And then once it got to be twenty thirty minutes, and it was getting better to the point where okay, maybe it is playable because I four sheet, you know, you're thinking about players and safety and all that. But then kind in the middle of all that the weather report kinda changed a little bit. And then the moderate rain potential coming in. It was just like, you know, right debt. I think Brandon, and I were both in agreement that you know. We've probably got do something here. So. Anyone else? Berry. So how'd you guys come back and played after the second away would have been available could have warmed back up. Again. What was your plan at that point? Well, we didn't get their Sessa was going until you know, until it got cancelled. So, and of course, and Aaron Boone, of course, the question is what took so long, and and again, you can make the argument and would not be an argument in which is somebody would think that you're being crazy and radical and silly revolutionary anti-american. They should call the game this afternoon. And that's hand of it at one we were told like in the somewhere little after seven at the first page was going to be at seven forty five but turned out to reface knows at seven forty five and a paulie and Tom on the other side of the glasses that seven forty five to nine or seven forty five tomorrow night. But Eddie way, finally commonsense prevails what I mean, listen would've thunk common. Sense and should have been Brian called the longtime ago. And I think we could all guess why? Listen they wanted to get the game in major league.

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