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Nearly every corner of the world. In China. He's pulled back The curtain on the predatory aggression of the Chinese Communist Party by Pale, filmed his speech during an official trip overseas. But he said he delivered the remarks in a personal capacity. Democrats slammed that is a breach of diplomatic precedent and a possible violation of federal law against political activism while on duty, and the president also hosted the naturalization ceremony for five new U. S. Citizens Comma political analyst Rondot Sour with Strategy's 3 60 believes the lines between politics and official duties were crossed, and I think both Pompeo speaking From on a trade mission as well as the president. Natural izing citizens in the White House are both official duties. They are not part in parcel of a partisan Political convention. You'll hear night three of the RNC Live here at seven o'clock on Comeau NewsRadio. Ah, banner honoring the memory of Lindsay Bomb who was killed when she was 10 years old, has been put back up after workers in her hometown of McCleery had taken it down because it may have violated a city ordinance. Lindsay's mother, Melissa, says the removal of that banner was hurtful. I'm offended. That my banners offend them. I'm offended that my my 10 year old little girl's murderer does not outrage and offended and I am offended. That they would have the gall. To think that taking my banners down was an appropriate action to take. Lindsay Bomb disappeared nearly a dozen years ago. Her body was eventually found, but her killer has never been arrested. Melissa says detectives are still actively investigating the case. Come on news time. 5 10. Time to get to a camo sports update for that. Here's Tom Cutler. J. P. Crawford Homer double drove in three runs for the Mariners. They beat San Diego ate three stabbing the Padres seven game winning streak. Austin, Oklahoma for the Mariners, who won their fourth of our own for the fifth time in the last six games manager Scott Service like the effort with the bats And here's what he said about that night. Offensively, Austin Knoll Again Street and Evan Wide Outstanding Night GP gets his first homer. What great things to talk about their offensively tonight. Uh Marco Gonzalez got to win his third of the year. Seattle goes for win number five in a row, deceiving. Lucas Giolito threw the first no hitter of the year, leading the White Sox to a for nothing win over Pittsburgh. Eric Gonzalez, the only base runner, Azi drew forth any walk after two straight losses. The Seattle storm bounce back with a win over Indiana, a team that beat them. Just last week. 87 74 the final Briana Stewart led away 27 points. The Sounders in Southern California face the Galaxy tonight. Having just returned to action for the first time in nearly a month last Sunday, coach Bryan Schmidt sir says. It's tough to decide which 11 start the game. All the players love the plate..

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