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Bruce is part of the southgate media. Podcast group the theme. Four settlers. Bruce was written by David. Rosen used by permission. I'm good how are you doing the same days every other day? It is It is a little bit of Groundhog. Day Is it. I'm not all that different for me. So that's not a complaint million observation. Yeah I was going to ask you about that I 'cause I assume you do most of your work at home But it still strange that you can't go out for breakfast or go to the starbucks to get coffee. You know. It's just. It's a really weird time. We'll just yeah. I mean that's exactly it just that little break of going to starbucks In fact I when we dropped my daughter's car off this morning There is a little Trolley car diner right next to the garage. Guess and usually when we do this. Drop the car off. Go have breakfast Obviously that was not an option. This morning we both are kind of like. Oh well. That's a shame on his leg for me just getting out of the house once a day to go to the gym workout. That was that was sort of daily ritual. And that's not even a possibility now. Yeah absolutely and yeah If the dog start barking will take pause and I can edited out no problem. I'm quite sure it's not if it's a win. Yes so the garage literally. Ten minutes down the road gap order just went to pick up the car So you know so at most. It'll be like they haven't seen her in twenty minutes and it'll be like Oh home of. I love that enthusiasm. What led me to think about that. Is Charlie great pup? We love him but he is like most dogs like when the yard guy show up to cut the outside grass. You know it's like Grandpa you just don't understand how evil they are just just barking just roaming the house just just ready to protect. Us Squirrel in the yard. Yes bird in the yard ups of the driveway. It's all the same it is. It's just it's just like Oh heaven heaven thanks. It's so that's been in. We've kind of joked about that as we do. Conference calls with my job You know we. We remind everyone mute. When you're not talking but once you're talking if we hear your kids in the background we get it. You hear your dogs in the background. We get it. There's just nothing you can do. It's the new normal. It is the new normal. It's good. I'm glad everyone safe there in the house..

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