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There's a ban on rent and security deposit increases through October 15th. That's cover radios Miley Katie. What appeared to be a lie about a miss Misplaced wallet gets a local man arrested. Police believe the guy left his backpack and wallet in a West Seattle home while he was burglarizing an early Friday morning. They were looking. Police were looking for him when he called 911 claiming a stranger had just stolen his wallet. The couple who chased the man out of their house helped police identify him as the suspected intruder and he was arrested. Cloudy skies or no, I'm sorry. That is wrong, Sonny. Today I have 82 clear skies tonight. Right now it's 75 degrees in downtown Seattle. Christmas Stream Cairo Radio at home on your smart speakers. Cairo radio ad by northwest dot com. Cairo Radio Your first source to know and understand Corona virus. Thiss is the CBS News weekend round up from the legal zoom studios in Washington LEGALZOOM where life meets legal coming up. The latest in a fight over mail and voting mail in ballots for the November election may not be delivered on time going to class amid covert 19 We talked to them about the risks a windfall for an aquarium. We were Using wishes to help moving forward. I'm Allison Keys in the CBS News Washington Bureau We begin with the latest on Covert, 19 has more than 167,000 people have died in the U. S. And California is now the first state to track over 600,000 cases. CBS has done you back us with the latest just two days into the school year. 14 students at Sea Wind Elementary school in Florida are in quarantine because a student had Corona virus symptom We couldn't prepare for this situation like the superintendent said the other day, there's no playbook on this. In Georgia, Nearly 300 students and teachers at Woodstock High School had to quarantine forcing the county to stop in person learning. It's unfortunate for the kids after a student at a different Georgia High school was suspended for posting a photo of a crowded school hallway. Georgia State representative set up a whistle blower email for students and staff to report complaints. This is an effort to make sure that if and when Georgia schools do go back to face to face instruction that we do some safely.

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