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Me. And Chris rock is just so funny, so sharp if you've seen him live you going to one of his live shows is terrific. But most of us live stuff's been now it shot, and then turned into some kind of special, but he's a great. He does that kind of thing, and he'll broil many a high profile figure with a sort of social commentary. That's very funny now to Saturday Night Live now, again, this is a departure for them. Right. Usually, they do a lot of Trump stop and all that. So here they jump on the Jesse train. So this is an office where jesse's agent is there with the top people at the show empire Daniels among them. So this is the SNL sketch. The bottom line is we don't want to work with your client anymore. Just give Jesse another chance why he doesn't care about this job anymore. He's two hours late for this meeting me not to mention what he's already put us through. Just Malek was a victim. Oh, police Mr. Daniels. I have represented Jesse his entire career. I am sure. There is a very reasonable explanation for why he's so late right now. Well, I just hope it's not some crazy if you. Oh my God. You guys you are not gonna believe what's happening. I I know what you're thinking. But it's not that. Okay. So what is it? I got a text again exactly what we were thinking. Oh, okay. Good. So you believe me know, what is wrong with you, man. I just told you I was attacks. Jesse? Don't worry. Some hits into I'm still the gate to. Nobody knows what that means. What does that? I don't know. I think it's a bag ACLU's Jesse. He left me a bunch of clues. What killer you're still alive? Just only because I've fought that because I'm the game, Mike Tyson. Thank you the sky around. This is your first, okay? Crest white strips. Oh, what do you think? That means. I don't know. Maybe. Because you're black. You think it's the race? Jesse? Please. More. Okay. Another..

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