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Ray We'd love to hear from you on twitter at John Shea for J. O.. N.. E. F. F. E. R. AT JIM RUSSELL AS St. Just From now we'll hear from Jaycee Tingler. I'm GonNa be joined by the play by play Voice of the Fort Wayne Tin caps. John. Nolan will join us Fort Wayne, of course, a an affiliate of the padres. Scoreboard and we'll get you set for the Middle Game of the series tomorrow. But Jim a sigh of relief what a wild game there have been a number of nights over the years like this course field and the padres really left for dead in the night to outs basis empty down Iran tat teased homers later. FAM-. homers. They held on but they win it and they're six into like I should just laugh for an hour. It's one of those games. You can't explain you. You try to break it down and it all comes back to. That's course field. Right course field. That's a typical cores field game. I tweeted this out when it was five to four, there was no way. That affordable excuse me. There was no way that this game would end five four. I mean talked about it when it was. When it was to? I. Was texting. You said, what do you think the odds are the finals GonNa be this game was three to that feels like forever ago. All for Antonio. Junior. To outs, bottom nine, two strikes on him hits that game home runs was that two strikes I think it was. That's incredible. Might be wrong. Too excited but. For now, for not here without Fernando Totti's junior, Tommy Fan with the big three run homer his first big padres moment of his career. Do I WANNA say? Yes. Doesn't look right. Yes. But also WANNA say it's course field right? It's everything that happens with the bullpen and the pitching staff. You Kinda, just have to take with a grain of salt when you're course field because nothing makes sense there. When you when you go to play nothing makes sense I. I'm with you and I agree with you and Pomeranz give him a ton of credit he behind they pinch hit with a writing. I would have done the same thing for Sam Hilliard Pomeranz the left he falls by Hilliard with the bases loaded in at eight seven game after four consecutive rockies have reached. He falls by two. Oh, he works back gets to fly out to center field I'm with you on Yates although Jim I didn't like seeing with two outs single single walk walk walks in a run it like you said, it's chorus field. But. If there's one question mark surrounding this team, it's the bullpen. was average right now the padres right now if the bullpen was above average there seven and one with the with the bullpen right now being below average I think that's fair. They came in with a five point three, three era in the pen tonight the bullpen as not going to go down by the way couple there in the ninth inning or on the seventh inning two runs. We'll actually you know what? The two runs in the sixth they didn't go to Richard who by the way pitch much better than his final line indicates he pitched his ass off tonight for the padres decision and San Diego Eight Colorado seven cheer point attack cheese and you gave this to me He's twelve for twenty four lifetime now, and of course field. This guy is a bona fide superstar right in front of our eyes in San Diego. He did it again tonight, and by the way, the text line is loaded Texas right now seven, zero, four, seven, zero, start your message with x T. R. A. He is I said this to you off air a generational type of player that only comes around. Once, twice for an organization, I, feel like he's the type of guy. You Never WanNa let go blank check give him whatever he wants keep him in San Diego he can never leave he is that good that special for what he did in the ninth inning You don't see that from a twenty one year old how many times like seriously ask yourself this padres fans against seven, zero, four, seven, zero starting message. Eight, four, four, five, seven, or thirteen sixty. If you've watched this team for a decade, how many times have they hit a home run trailing by a run in the ninth inning with two outs in a game and. Then after tying the score that I didn't with two outs taking a lead in the ninth inning. How often has that happened? Not just the last ten years the last twenty how about the last fifty one? That's not every day that'll happen of course field and by the way, teach just got it over the left field wall way other than it did over the outstretched arm of Sam Hilliard in left that tied the score. Then again Tommy Fam- we're kind of the fact that his throat Homerun is was not only important. It was critical because it gave you the three run lead. You needed all of the insurance because the rocky score twice in the bottom of the ninth inning. San Diego holds on to win at eight seven. This thing was one of those see-saw Fares back and forth Garrett Richards was given a brief lead he left with a couple on the sixth-inning match drom gives up those two ron's padres fell behind four three and tied back up then fell behind the tied it up in the ninth. Just had all types of twists and turns everything you expect from Chorus Field night right? Even a weather delay at onset. This one felt destined for extras like last night in San Francisco. It's remarkable. We haven't had more hard issues. The last three nights padres fans. From yeahs walking off to the six run tent to the combined in this game guys there were a combined six runs in the ninth inning. GonNa Laugh. That's all I can do. It's a chorus field game. What do you expect? There's no way. This game was going to end three two two when we got that score in the what sixth-inning top of the six and then the rocket come back score two more in the bottom of the sixth inning. Match Drum I at the time I'm wondering why he still out there to face trevor story did not make sense to me at all. He has not pitched well with it doesn't. Make sense knowing that there's still be twists and turns ahead. I guess maybe I don't even know do I don't even own. You have them on their against against story with the platoon advantage. You're talking about the Homerun from Trevor Story that that gave the Rockies, the five four lead, and there's other question marks that I had before what happened in the ninth inning with with Josh Niller hitting their with runners on second third in two outs in the eighth inning I thought that'd be another perfect time to deploy Garcia Gin and he was not just nealer struck out and I'm thinking in my mind. If they lose this game. You can go back to that moment and wonder why didn't you deploy in US Greg Garcia who has to for to coming off the bench and Pinch hitting roles in the eighth inning to to to do something and instead Jay Sigler stayed with Josh Naylor do not come through but thankfully, Fernando Tab Junior and Tommy Fan build his team out. Take a deep breath I click his. Field I know and the truth is padres fans should celebrate this win there are. Percents there are questions tomorrow about the bullpen and do I, think will be answered this weekend a mile above sea level no because they weren't answered in the San Francisco. Bay. Right is this past week. I don't think we're going to get it all figured out. There are issues right now with Kirby Gates. I'm sorry. In three appearances he has not been near the pitcher he's not ready yet. He has not saved a game in the podger six and to. Consider that he is not closed the game out and the podger six and two drew Pomeranz or his second save tonight for the padres. So Yates is had issues strobes. Last two appearances was the yeahs walk off and then the can't double d run of all people and Trevor Story. Yeah. So and the Trevor Story go ahead home run. So listen are there questions about the bullpen? Yes. Can we answer them tonight? Know that has been the big question mark of the first eight days of the season. However starting pitching has been absolutely brilliant. We said if this team was going to be really good Garrett, Richards was going to have to pitch. Well, I've got no questions about riches right now his slider was filthy. Tonight even when he got beat in the first inning, he kept.

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