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I'll be the first to admit that I am not a huge sports fan. I don't follow the NBA and I tend to wander away from the TV during Football Games, but I do love to watch the Olympics, and that's because it's actually super cool to see whole nations rallying behind one team. It becomes something more than a game. It becomes this uniting cultural moment. It's like a global holiday, and so with a little bit of extra couch time on my hands I was very ready to tune into this summer's Tokyo Olympics the perfect distraction. But the July twenty twenty Olympic. Games aren't going to be held this month. They've been postponed by a full year. This decision wasn't made lightly. And in fact, Japan is working around the clock to try to figure out how to keep their games. Despite a global pandemic, it's part of a long story for decades. Just like their athletes. Countries have competed fiercely to host the Games despite mounting evidence that they usually represent a significant financial loss, and that made us ask why, if not money, what's the games offer that so special and worth so much effort I'm Gabrielle Sierra and this is why it matters today, the Olympics soft power and the deep running politics of the World Games. For many sports, the Olympics is the apex of what they can achieve as athletes, and it's a chance for the world to see incredible incredible athletes out there on the world stage. My name is Julius boy, cough and I. Teach Political Science at Pacific University, Oregon. Professor boy cough has written four books about the Olympics and as it turns out. He's also a former member of the US men's Olympic soccer team. and. That is really why the Olympics have stuck around and Ben so successful. Were it not for the athletes? We wouldn't really have the Olympic Games of course the money shuffle has become a big part of that. We can talk about that later, but for athletes in lesser known sports, sake curling in the Winter Olympics or maybe equestrian or something like that in the Summer Olympics, this is their one chance to make big. Now I think we have to remember that. The Olympics the Olympic Games themselves are a value or ideal driven event. I'm Katherine Moon and I am a professor of political. Science at Wellesley College I study issues related to eastasia particularly the Koreas and I love to talk about culture and values.

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