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Focus on encouraging people who have yet to be vaccinated against covid to do so. And the curtain will soon raise for some of Broadway's biggest shows. Wicked Hamilton, The Lion King in Chicago, are all returning to the stage in New York City. Tomorrow, audience members have to be fully vaccinated to attend the shows. And masks will be required. It's slow on the four or five and Turbine. This is the South side and delays are filling in getting away from chest past jamboree looking a lot better when you make your way towards Sand Canyon and also the southwest side of the five in Santa Ana. So going down from just past the 57 22 delays opening up once you make your way past the 55. Let's check out East l A. With Michael Brian K F Eye in the Sky. Sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com. He's beside the 10 Looks like that's going to load up there, just approaching city Terrace from their ordered off the brakes pretty much into West Covina. The sixties. Even worse, 60 eastbound, loading up right away from East L. A interchange at the split with five in the 10. That's going to be remaining tough, very heavy out to about Saint Gabriel Boulevard Rosemead there That up ahead. You're back on the brakes from Hacienda Heights out to Rowland Heights. They did report a possible problem here at the East L a inner change. They are saying the South Bend five transition to the East 60. That's out, or at least a lanes blocked, but I'm circling overhead right now. I don't see much here. It's just a little tight through the stretch, but I don't see any lanes. Black injured in an accident. Visit superwoman super lawyer dot com. Mike O'Brien, KF high in the sky K F Eye in the sky, Help Sketchy there Faster. I'm Angel Martinez. My cow choice dot com California different approach to health care. Getting cooler. We'll talk about that next..

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