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Time. Robyn Walensky, 95.5 WSB Atlanta's news and talk. And now Dave Baker, who's making me laugh and the home fixture, putting hand sanitizer on my hand. Oh, that's what that was. Okay. There was some hand gesturing. They're just letting you know that if I'm not here next weekend, it's because I want The power ball. Okay, Just let me or make millions on Tuesday night. We have another shot at it. Would you have a shift tomorrow? Ay, Dios. So you'll come in and actually do that I would, Because I'm responsible. You would not just like whenever something goes wrong. They always say you're responsible. Yeah, well, I'm telling you that I know you and you would like, What do they say? Fly the Cooper? No, no, no, no, I didn't come in to do so I never get out of my house. I say, all right, And who would be here to count the change in J Block scar? That's true, too. Listen, listen from the beginning of the show to get the thread going right? There's always a theme. There's always a theme. That's Yeah, that's better theme is James black friend of mine checking in Joel, by the way. And he finds this all very amusing, but that he would, he would gotta run. He's an easy left home. Fix it. Show 95.5 WSB Dave Baker here till noon today. Like to thank Kimble Rice for spending the last hour with us from cool, ray heating and cooling now, next next, I feel like the doctor stick my head out in the waiting room next Scott Nelson is with us almost called You Scott Hamilton for some reason, but have no idea who that even is. He's with Nelson exteriors. Welcome to the home fixes show, Scott Thanks, Stace. Good morning. Good morning to you, too, You know, coming up at 11 30. I'm gonna talk to a guy who knows how to get into Tech school. He kind of is a He's a tech school counselor. On D I don't think there's ah Hammer and nail tech school. He's more than you know, the plumbing the heating and air bubble, a Texaco, But is there a place and this is way? I don't even know why I started this. Line of thought. But is there a tech school for school something to learn how to install sighting in Windows? Not really. I mean, there are there are construction schools and stuff. A lot more of them are up north than um, down here in the south, But they're not even tender. Generally be building And I guess you know through that you would learn about Windows and doors. Okay? Not as much about the remodeling, but from new construction point of view. I have a little bit of a different animal. Have nine questions written down to get the ball rolling. But we'll take calls it four or 487207 50. That tech school question was not one of the nine things that float off my head immediately just out of nowhere. So congratulations. Scott Nelson is with Nelson exteriors that that sounds the same. It's because he's the owner. If you're a regular listen to the home, fix it show, you know, I'd like to talk to the boss. I'd like to talk to the experts and give you a chance to also speak with them. So if you're having any sighting done to your house, you go even thinking about sighting and you want to know the details or what should you ask for when? When you call a siding company? Hopefully, Nelson exteriors. Uh, Any of the little inner out secrets or windows. We can talk windows today, too. I was talking to Scott before we.

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