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About this uh mayweather mcgregor thing yeah so you know to me their first of all i don't think it's going to live up to the high and the reason is because in boxing you suffer a lot ahead from over twelve rounds and a fight uh in the ufc and i'm a big an may fan as soon as you are not able to defend yourself because of some at trauma the referee stopped the fight then you go through all the unchr concussion protocol as you said to the hospital and all that stuff but in boxing it's very different you can get it almost over and over again and if you all you got a standing eightcount we all know what happened the mcgregor what he ate a couple of shots from a nate uh in the last fight he was discombobulated he couldn't take it forward has been taken headshot or after his wife so i think that once he takes a couple from uh uh for mcgregor uh e e i don't think he's he's brain is not going to be able to handle sustain this type of trauma over and over again for two rounds and that's why i think what is going to win the fight uh you know these guys as if they get ahead uh hard and if they get knocked out the reps there's no standing eightcount a right so the rebel stopped the fight in boxing it's not like that at all so in that that's why i think first of all it's going to be a very it's not going up to the i at all and i think for gonna win because i don't think conner can take a a consistent a headshot had sent to interesting to see how we always like to talk about at chinwoke kind a a guys got like a guinean under chain you get in on add it's they're they're they're a equal blows the can do just as much damage doesn't have to be always directly on the chin literally on the chin but your point is well taken it's just another reason why i was surprised the way despite a got.

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