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Stick it on and surely should care rotated seeking cedar there's the back of it this see there is there's a laser so the arm is just one screw and you can pop off the laser arms to play with your pet swap swap the arm for the laser arm your cat chase it around the ballitser that's great that is awesome and do these do the arms just swivel in one direction or can they go in multiple directions so right now it's just one direction but you could also make different arms if you want so you have won over by you which is the gripper arm that i made the other day so that's a little a little gripper and it's just one one actuator but you could also add sorry that's fine and these are all three three printed and this this is worth pointing out is when you're talking about you know creating an ecosystem where people can kind of get in there and they're they're immagination runs wild largely this is even possible anymore because not only are becoming more and more pop popular and the prices lowering and all that kind of stuff sore three d printers and they're so capable now it's gotten so much easier to make stuff and just maker spaces right i mean we have one in so we're in boulder colorado we have one ten minutes away from our office where they have tons of equipment laser cutters three d printers and all different cnc mills in different equipment that anybody can just go take a take a class and learn how to use zoom yeah we hope that people will expand the robe like you mentioned earlier does it have a vacuum no but you could add a vacuum if you wanted sure we do have a little it's kind of funny there's actually a trailer hitch on the.

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