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What experts recommend all of those risk behaviors have been linked to negative consequences for the health of teens such as depression or school, performance and obesity. Now more chip Franklin on. Ten chip Franklin. Nikki medoro the day before after the Super Bowl the day before the state of the union and Trump was talking then and he'll be talking tomorrow question is how much of it will be true. It's it's interesting when you look at some of the whoppers, fifty eight thousand non-citizens voted in Texas with ninety five thousand non-citizens registered to vote. These numbers are just the tip of the remind you a little bit back in two thousand sixteen when he said three million people voted illegally in California. Joining us right now is Salvador Rizzo. He is the he's the fact checker at the Washington Post nice enough to join us here. So this is interesting to see. How far he wants to take this when he just comes out with these numbers were those numbers even close as first ones. I just said no never not close at all. You mentioned the fifty eight thousand nine citizens who purportedly voted in Texas. So this all began with the Texas secretary of state, David Williams, Republican he put out a list on Friday and the list on Friday. Said that there were these all these tens of thousands of voters who had signed up for a driver's license or an ID card with documents that showed that they were not USA's sins. But that they were legally in the country. And so the secretary of state put out this list, assuming that because fifty eight thousand these people voted in ninety five thousand of these people had registered to vote that therefore all of them were suspicious characters. You know? In Texas quickly discovered is that a lot of these people signed up for these licenses and then they became citizens, they became naturalized. And so therefore they were eligible tomorrow. So it's a huge in Texas. And the president tweeted this right when the list came out, and they the White House didn't respond to our questions about it. And we walk them through what had happened. So, you know, this seems like, you know, just a callous indifference to misinformation, and then pretty huge, you know, misinformation this case. Yeah. And the thing about it is is that there's really nobody other than in the Washington Post New York Times and a few other major newspaper standing up to him because Fox News isn't Sasol. How hard is it to catch Trump on the lies when he tells so many lies? It wasn't hard because chaos in Texas, and everyone who has a stake in it, you know, in the voting rights of you know, non-citizens or Ashaari of immigrants who become citizens. Anyone who has a stake in just, you know, the facts, and you know, what's going on with election law in huge state. You know, they're very they're they're all very alert. They're all on this issue. A number of lawsuits have been filed. So it's a big deal down there. But you know, obviously this talking point when it first came out was very convenient for the president who was making this case for the border wall. Right. You know, what better avenue to see you need, then, you know, tens of thousands of people voting illegally in Texas a border state. I saw the congressman Bill heard on television recently. And in his congressional district is like two thirds of what the wall would be. It's an amazingly huge district. And he's saying that, you know, even though there was like some four hundred thousand people came undocumented into the country last year that's down eighty percent since two thousand we're talking to salve Rizzo the Washington Post. He is their fact checker. But there was another thing that Trump said week ago, I found interesting he said that the of the federal inmates. Twenty three percent are undocumented or illegal and uses language is that true. Is that accurate? Well, it's closer to thirteen. Really? Okay. All right. Yeah. The Justice department. You know, we like to a report in this fact today. They count up all the federal prison inmate separate and distinct from the people who are in prison at the state or county level, right or tail at a county level. So you're only county a subset of all the prisoners. And the Justice department says thirteen percent of them did not have lawful immigration status in the United States has at the end of twenty seven the overwhelming majority of arrests in this country are for state crime. So it would make sense that when the federals arrest somebody, it's probably somebody that has something to do with immigration, and it is obviously a much smaller number than the others. But I mentioned congressman Bill heard who is from Texas and his district is a huge district down there. And he was really impressive. I didn't realize he was in the CIA ten years. And he's saying there's not a problem here. He's standing up to Trump, and he's a Republican well in the state of the union tomorrow night will Trump again, adopt. This this immigrants are coming to get us coming across the border and their rapists. Will you stop that theme? Again. It's really hard to. Predict just because Trump one hand is an unpredictable president and on the other hand, you know, he did telegraph. He's been saying that he wants to sound a note of unity in the speech. But you know, he is a pugnacious character. So I wonder if it will be a dominant team this unity saying that he's supposedly going to try out. I think we should expect a fair number of of claims about immigration, we have a database here at the fact checker in which we track every false and misleading claim that the president has made since he took office and immigration by far is is the biggest category of false and misleading claims. And obviously the border wall is still the big backdrop to his presidency. And so I think you can expect a lot of that. I think you can expect him to rightly claim some credit for the bright economic news. We've had recently. Although, you know, if he starts to veer into trade, you know, that's that's something where he often says falter misleading things to when he's talking about trade with China China. Yeah. I mean, China all he's done is we're talking to fact checker Sal Rizzo from the Washington Post, the one we always hear from Trump is that undocumented immigrants caused an increase in crime. We know that's not true. All the evidence says the opposite. Do we know if he's going to be talking about that? During the state of the union, and are we actually going to get a transcript of the state of the union? Yes. I think we can expect some perhaps tomorrow's shortly before this speech. They they do recognize although the administration you're right is different from previous ones. They do recognize vantage to kind of teasing out some of the themes that they're going to be talking about if not the whole speech what's running count on lies because you guys have been tracking Trump's lies. I know you'd like to call misstatements, but I'm gonna call him is what is the current count right now. We have the evidence. We call them lies. The issue is that it's very hard to know someone's intent even with Trump who who is a serial purveyor of Pereira occasions, but. On a serial purveyor for. But Pereira like it I like it, but we do technically in the database call them false and misleading claims. Just because it's hard to discern. Yeah. I yeah. And that's eight thousand four hundred and fifty eight how many eight thousand four hundred fifty eight as of yesterday February third. Wow. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. And you keep it up. So you'll be counting tomorrow night. I would imagine. Yes. We will be Naccache. Thank you. Again. The Washington Post Salvador Izzo, the fact checker nice enough. Join us here on K G O. Thanks. Thank you. I thank you, man. I really appreciate your help. All right coming up next. Here's a question for you. Give you the last quarter hour to you eight ten with Trump lying eight thousand times in two years. Well, we ever believe a politician again, and that north from guy the governor of Virginia all of them together as a possible to be successful and glib politician today and tell the truth to everyone. I don't think so we'll talk to you next eight eight ten I'm chip. That's you.

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