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We'd I shut any of the doors because I loved the kids are doing and the try to shut the door behind him. outdraw woke seen gene. So Zazi me questions and I respect friends just work on your lost da Da da. And he didn't like Taking Night Finance Syamsul Zona wet clothes in Nixon on our what. Our member is always on the ground. I don't actually Kush. May or I should wear heels Nixon on Luke Art and you'll save some type Yeah and those actually vice will coming down on me and a new mom was broken because it was dipping and a yet gus was here. That goes dorset. Dorsett coming out. Mommy Mommy need your help and you know what I was going to die. Didn't had to get out charging Assam Kush off the ground while the perpetrators produce still there but it just obviously Arctic type wide and the goes looked at macy's mom you can do everything you can fix the cows marble fix the house now but you know what I was going to dos a guy yet me how to maintain that goes did run into nap at the night. Is La Belle plaine. Because they're I h Gabby chartering triple all tonight. Did accidentally hung up on her. Got Back to her. But in the meantime on actually enjoyed forty five to fifty heats to sun in my face. law on the little bit different different than normal females in from that have hit my last operation and which is fifty show operations overhead until I hit today of actually lost our side. Bless my sense of smell. This is all tiny implied now within the implied on what shape Gramajo Joe was all smashed in. It's something that I didn't think I was going to savard. Art was worse than a car accidents on. He today obviously. There's lots more in the background of That's BICYC- how I ended up from just saying Nar. Rei Dana relationship to funding as little red flags. And that's why messages we've got to unpack every little red flag Little to such the big thing in a matter of ten minutes also finding a lot since size six to sixteen offset putting from someone that is an incredible notable story of survival enough of you know total sorts of stories on this podcast will veterans stories and all sorts of health related and things that by far tax hike and you know that is still an acolyte them sign that he's a good thing. But Gosh. You're so lucky to be alive and with our blessed to have you here and so lucky that your children so have you got in being pot terminate. A robot is Kinda cool. What what about you? What about your vision when you go to I? What's it like? Just having one guy is Kinda miss with your depth perception toddler drops can now. I've got to have a Obviously an artist every twelve months because a disease can come and check because that is dead can come over and check but yes I. I can't drive now. I did have to have a cell phone for many years that I've been given the all clear I'm often urological testing etc has just been an easy to get me seventies spider and yes even Danza pouring a glass of water. If the job on the late I'll have would everywhere Even unit crossing because the the steps I had many a falls on the ground. Because you just don't know what it is so yeah oh that it's Yamani's very active. NAB because you're thinking the whole time and obviously now I'm no doctor on our nurse but I have learnt so much of that our body and died actually told me when did wiped out from ICU. So you and Abram up Ryan Still Mush that said it takes a month while the one with you Brian to sync together. Yeah I think so. Yeah Yep it's that's incredible how you your Bryant sites are remember remember. It's it's no comparison but it's a similar. The reason I asked about it is I've had a bit of experience with a loss of debt exception in most. Actually most soldiers have when you were not vision. Unless you're unless you're a special forces guy or your pilots you only wit not vision on on one and usually it's on you'll left oil you non-mountain on shooting and I remember the very first time up. Not Vision on just thinking. Oh my God what we are going to own the battlefield because it looks like diet and it doesn't look you think like what you see on TV or movie. It's it looks like daytime but what you walk along and because your other is open at the same time but it's it's pitch black in stock and you see everything through your left eye and I don't walk around with Rod always on that. I can remember walking along thing you know. Wow this is an amazing and then just like a sack of potatoes on the ground on and fully of us and yeah like vice I tripping over and then getting back up on what just happened are just fell over and they lock. Everyone's kind of laughing but it happens to everybody and they're really really tricky thing on deal with but over time you get really used to it and you. Brian compensates for new alone. Live with those things right day yet. Highly and that sound Monday termination I used to play tennis quite at a level when I was younger and now playing tennis between all eyes of Charlie Different Bowl game but that I'm not letting up Bateman ads swinging a missing light note was even close to that many Italians. Yes many times but on on really learning it said Ma Ma. You've got to be so focused on every bone that yeah. I'll realize that determination ru funny little idiosyncrasies that happened when you've had an at an injury law that what about you said you lost your sense of smell as well. Isn't that something. What eighty percent of what you taste as well it can be? I have still up my Thais. which is which is great because My face was smashed in that. Yeah oblivious to yet you smell things actually up here. Yeah and because this was all had debate great built like including minorities. Yes that's I have got Thais which is Great Yes that's good very good. Very good. My my son labs. They have because I used to high right school smell and he has now that have to have a show just yet. I can't smell excites. It's you know we we type it in a positive by now and yet look at the negative stuff. That's GonNa the reason why I'm asking. Those questions is because you're gonNA leave pretty well and pretty normally in spite of all your injuries and whatnot what happened. Good gotta ask you know. It's a IT'S A. It's a cheeky. boneheaded Ozzy blacked question. Does the metal detector off at the airport must doesn't doesn't corliss. No I am you. you know it's just algae invite my arms and you know on face yet. I don't go off still and you don't you don't still buzzing as you thought you bill and I have not that I'm really surprises. Yeah Yeah so money for if I'm what just take us back to the to the DACA period there as you tell the story there. It just seems all very normal up until that much it to anybody. That's getting back on the horse. A main Gush. The the Internet is is a bit of a minefield with modern dieting. And I can't really speak eight from each bruins. I don't know I never had experienced that. And it sounds like you didn't Oughta Dion Bites have any experience when when he got back on the wall so to speak. Now I and I the hadn't that you watch you know watch out and and audio then obviously he was the first one because I detect a long time onto even became but as a city is a real estate man. That's why deed but yellow. And that's why I can't elaborate now occupies much. Brian now is more it's it's not just about Everything going on you know even damn to have the children tag officials being that annoying but Yeah just situations now. Milwaukee's everytime friends is on Monday. Incident died on. I just feel sick block. Fox stylized. Oh I was gonna say what would you say to somebody. That's out there doing that. Because you know it can be a really awesome why to make people and it can be you know a lot of really because friend of mine who who met ease wash on in at a wonderful relationship that got married. I got a couple of kids very very yet. You say about being careful if we look look at any little red flag you know darn high located thought model red flags would have been fighting from lost. You know what I mean gene and having that police check about that's where year unpack everything. Investigate the person even to the extreme and if I can sleep the Islam really elaborating on investigating paypal is because Arthur is having a real estate licensing thirty seven you think otherwise. Who is what some form of luggage with its marriage kids and he actually told me now to buy those questions and I'll be bragging about my kids an Honest about what. They're the biologic father and he Opt Court hearing to wives actually kind forward he actually solved the first one on. Nar Report is on the second and her parents nor report so Alma third wheel here and you know you've got children with all we've all got mums an Auntie's counties and that's why I'm speaking at is because we need to make a change. We want to say that generations coming through so looking out for the red flags getting back to the Internet dating sites. That is my real elaborations. We've got to get because we want to protect out next generation set are coming for me may well well said very very well said and you know for me in the last year or so. A lot of the decision making process that I've gone through has been green very similar to what you described Spain very methodical and thought through in my mind and well. It's exactly what you're saying. The Gauze got a real estate Lawson's he must be please check his guy said he doesn't have kids. seasonably married each. Take it at face value right but what what else can you do taught thing of Maine. Gandhi on De Homework and do research of course is what that's right what I've learned myself as online a lot of mistakes in the LAS in and not trusting my gut and what I what what I realized is that I may despite my external appearance and despite how I might say or project myself into the world is a big tough ozzy masculine guy. I like that the reality is. I'm a deeply deeply feeling. Bean and human beings make decisions by stone thoughts rationale only they might thoughts. They make decisions on how they feel and think it's those two things so it for you. You had those warning Sohn's was that was that a gut feel. Oh you had. That wasn't quite right or was it. It was my my stomach that was telling me get out of the relationship. It's and you know because I hadn't experienced relationship. Missile Long it was it was just dead daily and I just have to use it. And that's you know reading. That friend was such a relief for me because she knew what what I was doing. You know and as early on nothing about domestic volunteering speaking out about us and you know it was only Kodaly eight months nine months Austin Hospital Ospel and that's when I learnt than not actually what had happened to me your hit would and then I didn't even know it was domestic violence. It was putting puzzles back together together. you know waking up in the neurosurgeon sedgwick. After I say apparently I had a sawn above my bed that my friends coming in when allowed to Smart hey feeling what's happened because the Brian jury that have to find out Fall was had Brian Shoes Inside that you know because I said to the children when I had to come inside not goodbye to me on the first not that I was in hospital. They said if things aren't good than the Knicks not they said if mommy does pull its release. She's got forty five percent chance of pointer off theater during the day but Mommy Bay vegetable mummy be Brian. Did Mommy White Get out. The bad should be treated fed and so they've had to the the. The children's issues are different again to mine and suspects that sway getting back to the Brian. Nine Saudis some attack Vitamin Dana everyday. Someone said with your Bryant injury and it's just start brought and clear and yeah well well said well said.

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