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The theme of the PODCAST is actually not it doesn't I. Don't Focus primarily on on trump's character, I focus on our vulnerability to trump's character and arvin related trump's character I I'm I'm arguing. is because we have. We! mostly white people. but not only but we have accepted the neoliberal value system that Reagan presented to us, and we have accepted the capitalist value system that neoliberalism magnifies which is that? We will find a we will find an economic or product or a consumer solution to all of our problems, ultimately, that means that we will not have to face death and loss and the limitation of our lives and The the I call the I called. Cova the the. I titled a podcast. The mask of the black death and I use pose the mask of the Red Death to talk about the reaction to this plague in the nineteenth century that Poe describes where people were people in power Deny. Death completely locked themselves up in the in a castle, put walls around the castle, and believe that they will be immortal, and that death will never enter, and then death seeps in they all panic, and they all die of fright and I. Make the case that that describes Republicans and Democrats that Republicans. Believe that if they lock themselves up in a castle, the country, the White House gated communities, they will be immortal, and that they are immortal, and that trump will lead them to immortality, and so they don't wear masks. They parade in packs with guns, and they believe that they can shoot. Covert and that it's all a fraud Democrats, and this is to your point about why Democrats lose. Democrats have bought the same idea that consumerist America that neoliberal America is a is a is a good will. Save them, but and so they don't worry about. They try to deal with their fear of death in a similar way, but what ends up happening to Democrats is that they're scared all the time, and so they don't react to coverted like it's A hoax, they react to co vid like it's death itself, and that it will seep in the doors in the walls on the male. It'll seeping on packages but the. But the interesting part about all of this, and this is what makes it relevant to the? The protests today. The black lives matter movement. I quote James Baldwin when he says White People are afraid of black people because white people don't believe in death and black people the color of their skin. Threatens them threatens their fantasy of immortality that they see death when they see black people and. I think you can see that..

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