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Morning I'm Mark Christopher anatomical local stories from the KOMO twenty four seven news center early this morning a can't police officer was killed run over in connection with the pursuit happened about right off of meeker street near highway five sixteen we hear five sixteenths still close. Right now for investigation between I five and highway one six seven state trooper Rick Johnson spoke with komo's just before two, AM we received a call to. Assist police The. Inception of this tragic scene that there was a report of shots fired believe near the Sheri's, off of maker, and can't can't police responded and I believe a. Red truck was pointed out to them Pursuit ensued they came toward Five sixteen here went westbound at some. Point in time They turned around we're heading back this way Can't police officer was deploying spike strips, I'm right out. Here and subsequently. Was struck and unfortunately killed The red pickup continued eastbound and ended up on its top about. Half half maybe three quarters a mile east. From what I understand three individuals fled from, that vehicle one The latest I, heard is detained right now I'm not sure if that's the driver or one of the passengers Another camp police officer who struck another vehicle at the scene Was transported to Harborview and the other individuals in, the civilian. Vehicles from I understand had no injuries state trooper Rick Johnson speaking of the Kent police officer killed. Apparently run, over in connection with the pursuit early this morning and again, a lot of, agencies involved with us investigation again highway five sixteen right. Now Kent Moines road closed between I five and meeker street. And of course we'll be following this story throughout the day investigators searching an area near Maltby where, the body..

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