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Dreams dreams with tuesay's today we're doing something a little different i am. What are we going to do. We're bringing back more than dreams. Dreams is an episode where we talk about. We started to talk more about what's going on with us and are able to chat a little more freely and unscripted less research more off the cops hopefully the same amount of job. So what are we talking about today. So today we're talking about tarim. Silly has a dream dream. amelia cecilia. Okay okay so we're wade is more than dreams. We are going to talk about dream work. How got into in what dreams have looked like for us in twenty twenty which is still crazy about almost to the end of twenty twenty now. It's december it's been the weirdest craziest year ever absolutely. We started business this among the other crazy things that happened. It's like this wonderful lake. When our great grandchildren and great grandma coons about story. That would be us..

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