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For impeachment beyond that what the framers accepted through your time says there's a claim president trump told his then and national security adviser back in August that he wanted to continue freezing security aid to Ukraine until officials there help with investigations into Democrats including Joe and hunter Biden Mr trump's statement was described by former national security adviser John Bolton in an on published book manuscript Democrats say Bolton now needs to be a witness in the trial at least one Republican senator suggests that's a good idea this is CBS news you can listen to CBS news radio twenty four hours a day seven days a week on radio dot com or the radio dot com app downloaded today number one forty nine fifty WGN good evening to you thanks for joining us on Sunday January twenty sixth I'm sat Clark for WWJ newsradio nine fifty your home for traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the aids drying out tonight ten will have a lot of clouds and tomorrow on Tuesday complete accu weather forecast is coming up John Deere with eyes on top or nine fifty two Graham with her eyes on the triple a jam cams your next update at ten OO eight thirty five degrees cloudy skies WWJ news time ten oh three as you just heard from CBS news NBA star Kobe Bryant one of the greatest basketball players of all time died today in a helicopter crash this was near Calabasas California outside of Los Angeles he was forty one years old this man came to the area to pay tribute to Bryant Kobe Bryant and his not just the icon a legend but he's a friend of so many people he meant a lot to everybody.

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