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Times like he didn't matter. But my son matters I noticed A lot of damage. It doesn't reflect my son. For my family. On Tuesday night, protesters hit the streets again. But this time someone else to a 17 year old young man and Kyle Riton house armed with an N e ar 15 style rifle. Had driven up from there annoyed, police say and positioned himself amid the protesters, Rittenhouse told Blaze TV. He was there guarding a car shop and was armed with a lethal ammunition projecting from the citizens of stop covered by a person in the crowd an hour and a half after that, according to a criminal complaint written house could be seen running across a parking lot, turning to face a protester now described as Joseph Rosenbaum and shooting him. Rosenbaum did not survive in Kenosha. ABC is Alex Perez describes what happened. Next. Protesters tackle him to the ground. His next victim, Anthony Huber, tries to grab the gun attempting to this arm him with a skateboard, but he's shot in the chest and killed. Another protester. Gauge. Grosskreutz is shot in the arm is on the scene were also caught on video yelling at police. People have been shot, but Riton house still armed with that long gun walks right up to police with his hands up and walks right past them. They do nothing. Not until more than 12 hours later that police announce he's turned himself in across state lines in Illinois all week, sports stars were speaking up the Lakers LeBron James. People get tired of hearing me, say it, But we are scared as in America, the New York Mets Dominic Smith, my heart goes out to to their family. I just wanted to see it happen to my kids. Clippers coach Doc Rivers became emotional were the ones didn't kill other ones getting shot women once it will deny to live in certain communities. We've been home and All you do is keep your fear. It's amazing what we keep loving this country in this country. The Milwaukee Bucks refused to take the court for their play off game in the bubble. They were followed by those in the WN BA and Major League Soccer and the number one women's tennis player in the world. They only Osaka. Refused to play. ABC is Ryan Smith is a legal analyst for ESPN and ABC News and co host of ESPN is outside the lines. He talked about all of it with perspective producer Eric Mollo. We've seen activism in sports before, but I want to ask you how this is different, and why did it mostly stopped the sports world this week? This was unlike any day in sports history this week was a culmination of something that had been going on for a while with the N ba related to George Floyd's killing..

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