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I wanna go with fat Chris because he'd beat everyone in a race Guinea, pigs scoot as for what was the first question. I don't you're on with Tim Kirch. Go ahead. Chris. When players call a players only meeting. Do they call it a players only meeting or just call it a meeting? I think it's a players only meeting differentiate from a meeting called by the manager. They have a team meeting is almost always run by the managers players only just clarifies it. But I get the redundancy thing bothers me to me it's a t and it's t- if you order tea it's implied implied that it's hot. So you either order t- or ice T. You don't go snow skiing. That's redundant. There's skiing and waterskiing. Am I right about this? Yes. Have Tim have the players ever told the manager and coaches, they're having a players only meeting just to get them out of there because they bother them. I think they feel like a more effective meeting is done when they're no manager, and no coaches around because and that's usually teams that aren't so great. But I always think the best meeting went everyone in uniform their players will disagree and say, we can be a little bit more honest. If the manager and coaches aren't in here does Brett Brown looked like a guy selling his backyard Tiki bar on Craigslist. Doris Burke looked like the divorce court judge who peers it you over her glasses with disdain as your soon to be ex wife describes what you do for a living. Does Huby Brown looked like the Butler who arrives one minute after the front door? Mysteriously opens on a haunted mansion. You look like that not as much as Chris game. And looks like that. But he looks like that. Great. The painted area. That you're on with Tim Kirk Zach go head. That for stoop falls here. Just wondering if Byron Buxton was at the plate newer on second who would get home. I. Wrong. I'm sorry. I got distracted by reduction. We're what he's on second base. If you're you're on second base, and he's on for and he has to go all the way around to home plate, and you just have to get from second to home plate who wins that race. Okay. I have done the time trials on this. Because they told me at war. No, Dave Flemming that Billy Hamill beat me from home plate with me starting at second. I did this by myself. A pathetic two year old man went to a baseball field and ran from second home. And there is no chance that Byron Buxton beat me, and I can't run anymore. And I'm terrible. But I can run from second home before Byron Buxton beach. I think the bigger question is can Byron bucks and beat Mr. freeze and he should race him in the all star game. No, Billy Billy beat freeze. And we need to suck known even up. I mean, even up. Because I know Mr. freeze is a sprinter. But I'm telling you Byron Buxton is a sprinter. Also. And I think that would be tremendous race at the also wait a minute, Tim, you don't because we didn't make it home plate. We had Buxton at first you're second. Oh winds at first. Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you said he was at home if he's at first, of course, he'd beats me to the plate, of course. Okay. Maybe I've got that wrong. I don't know. I confused everybody there. I was told on the broadcast. Billy Hamill beat me starting at home and me starting at second. If bucks Billy Hamilton. I of course, they're going to be the more. We talk about it. The more confused. I get does Paul finebaum looked like the evil scientists discovered amid the ruins of his laboratory after the monster. He created escapes from itself. Brian you're on with Tim Kirk and go ahead. Go ahead, Brian. Hey, hey, Tim. What do you hate Pete Rose? He's a much better baseball player than Babe Ruth. And second question is parties the most gonna fusing board game ever made. What you Pete Rose? Second time..

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