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You set it. I immediately thought my heart. That little girl has just. I don't wanna use the word haunted. But she's been around me since. I saw video into like or let her go or just keeps coming up on my trenches snus. You've frozen new frozen meat your you know. Oh my internet are says. Your internet thread funnier. I'm so check in with her instead of like waiting for her to go away. Notice that she's around and she's asking for your attention. Traduced yourself he yeah. She's just like remember me. Remember me telling you remember. What does she want you to know why she's been trying to get your attention. It's very much a cup. It's fair giggling. Because you know if not now when would have been a better time to do it and some. It's more of a reconnection to her. This you want straight. Of course i think you have the angel deck cards. I i pulled the car today and it was inner child of course of course right of courtship and i love all these very direct and clear messages from the universe bike. You have literally the people at the airport going like this to you right. I'm right without a doubt and This talk about it. He's like. I don't think you should be feeling sad about her. It's more of a reveal. It feels to me like more of a reconnection to her right. And i said yeah. I don't feel i do feel sad. I feel sad for what happened to her. Well there's a part of you field side right right. There's a part of the right. That's not south energy and it's not bad energy but that's the thing is not only is a little girl have some burdens but the part that feels sad is carrying some burdens too and she is also worthy of your love intention. That mama part of is so so sad to what happened for What i feel good about is this isn't devastated by world is not falling apart like in my check in last week it was very much like it doesn't feel if i can't get out of bed if just Low grade fever right tells you go to what you'd feel good about like why can't you to scale your low great fever. 'cause i've spent so much of my time ignoring the sadness is would listen. You pay me a lot of money. Mike heart i've been i was just sitting here or it's all this part of paying attention. I have this one. Artemisia is going. I love having these conversations where my clients sit in really in like it so valuable until i just. I just noticed lovingly the part of you that wants to put glitter on it and say. Here's what societally acceptable. And i need you to know in this room. You don't have to pick litter on anything even a low grade. Sadness in fact dots the value that i want to remind you is that this is the one place where all parts are. Welcome though that they can heal so that you can go back out into society where might not be as so. Let's notice real quick. Just notice three parts right in are really loving these distinctions because we have one is the inner child and she's clearly asking for attention but then we got what you call mama heart and she's just sad that little girl and such a long and then you have this part that's like oh better make better find the positive better find the golden shift by why you to scan those three and ask which one let me ask you before we oscar twin. How do you feel about the malo part of sad towards her. I feel her helps. So you're you're you're kind of blended with her scientist wants you to notice her notice where she is is she in your body or is she willing to like be next to you next to me. And so now that she's next to you. How do you feel towards her Notice our she's class. She's been inspired by her at tech took nature from the see if you can tap into compassion stop energy words should flooding what is open heart her. And just ask her to give you some spates. We're gonna take a minute and now come to this part bat needs to make everything positive and notice is she blended with you or can you. Can you feel little space. Her very blended are so just generated directly. Please implants important. You're not going anywhere. I'd like to speak for you but i don't want you. Speaking through me reminds me of juries perfectionist. Right if i get away from you doing my job yeah answer. Just let her know that you're not you're not gonna lose her job. She's welcome you just want her to be next to you. Not three you k. Now you're actually here to listen. I love this speaks for not through. Yeah right it's a really good distinction. And so knowing that she really doesn't want to let go what's one thing. She wants us to know. This speak for her not through her. She wants us to know what in this moment. She works so hard at making everything pretty because it's.

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