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For a ten dollar discount that we've been talking here about this article from What I would characterize as as a non reputable source simply because they began throwing around a bunch of Bible verses and I think when People WanNa talk about things that are real quoting? The Bible is not the best way to to portray yourself as a realistic person. Yeah a problem I have with like a lot of the especially the Catholics as you know they they say things like oh the I am going to read you this doctrine. That explains this part of the Bible. And it's like how. How did you even get there? If you actually go back. And like the Jehovah witnesses. He's a Bible. Study was a Jehovah's Witnesses so they'd have like these study things he's like documents or doctrines and then they were talking about this lady and I would go back and read their Bible Their Bible and I just couldn't gather in fathom How you know they? They got to where they got to Inese like readings that they would have. It is amazing. The leaps that people take when it comes to the Bible like The southern Baptists that I was raised around. They firmly believed that a rapture was going to take place before the the apocalypse right and they derived this entire theological belief around ultimately to Bible Verses One of the Book of Daniel at one in the book of Matthew I think neither one of which stated anything along those lines and which is fundamentally counters with the whole idea that has outlined in the book of revelation. Anyway anyway which is that is supposed to be a time of great suffering for Christians and then with their mental gymnastics. They convince themselves that none of this matters. Because all the Chris are GONNA GONNA lose their clothes and fly up into the sky. It's been forever hovering around clouds. Jesus and like I've said before like this whole Bible stuff and he's bibles that were supposedly Rowsley written by these people who are supposedly inspired by this alleged. God I believe religions are just we're just created control masses kind of the way You know and and the masses are constantly being controlled. They're constantly being manipulated today. I Today I personally think could happening. Through environmental conditions these mass brainwashing whether it's The entertainment industry the the the media and of of course Vaccines I mean you know I. The vaccine thing is is like nobody knows what the hell they're putting in you and the same people people who who who told me about the Gulf of Tonkin or told the world about the Gulf of Tonkin which was when the United States Park Day I naval vessel and then fired on themselves and and then fired on it and then said it was a Viet Cong and then went to war with Vietnam or Korea. Forget exactly as one but this is just all these examples in history that have been and lies lies lies immortalize everything. The government says. It's a lie absolutely. It doesn't know how to tell the truth breath right and an entire language to allow itself to lie while technically telling the truth absolutely and occasionally like a broken clock. You know they're right. You know couple times a day but yeah most of the time. It's an agenda pushed by usually some form of lobbyists weather military contractors. Or you know big Pharma or the Big Agra Monsanto's or whoever and you know it's just I can't trust them they want to take your guns away. I can't trust them. They WANNA mandatory. I mean just I mean the biggest brainwashing in the world is public schools. I mean that's that and today to state has become the religion. I mean we've done show prep on this show. Where a young boy who you didn't stand for the flag flag received a head injury from getting smacked around from some dude? That was all pissed off at his young teenage age. Boy was like thirteen years old. For not saluting the flag. Well yeah because the kid committed heresy. I mean that's ultimately what it is when you when you don't stand for their stupid a bit little song and the for their stupid little cloth and when you don't respect their stupid little president they're stupid little jingoistic military dues running around shooting little brown kids and dropping bombs on them you're committing heresy against their religion. You're a heretic. And they want to do the same thing. They've always done to heretics and I love talent status that hey man I'm not a part of this is religion that That you call the state or that you call the government or you call the United States a part of that religion all the more reason I refer to myself as a Satan US yeah. I'm a heretic absolutely man. Because look at what you're praying to. If you're not a heretic against that then you're insane. Yeah I mean the Gods and a lot of people worship par. You know. It's actually changing a little bit now so like and even now among the left you know. They're like oh no. Trump is bad and all of that. They're not taking issue with the God. They're worshiping right. The God democracy government. It's still solid it's perfect. The problem is the priests is that the the religion has been co-opted. Did these bad faith actors. You know it's like the the rapist within the Catholic Church. Oh it's not the Catholic Church. That's actually the problem here. The Catholic Church is fine. The Catholic what religion is great is right. God doesn't endorse. This is the priest. Who are the problem? We just need to replace the priests and everything will be fine. I find it amazing how I heard this today okay well is out ploughing snow. Some congressman's like we got evidence that president trump withhold withheld money military a aid from the Ukraine. Well and then the next congressman comes up to actually. He sent a military aid to Ukraine. That right there is a reason to impeach trump trump. As far as I'm concerned is giving military aid to Saudi Arabia the Ukraine giving military aid to Israel because what Israel military aid. Okay to kill Palestinians with it. The Saudis are. Are you know dropping bombs in Syria. And they're cutting off their own citizens outside also Yemen. What they're doing Syria too but Yemen as an absolute war zone. There's plenty of reasons to impeach trump and trump was an absolute absolute thug that US government as the kneecap realignment men before he even got into government when he was just a exclusively absolutely a private business. He was using eminent domain to steal property so he could put up hotels and casinos and parking lots and whatever else is is real estate ventures were. I mean that's the reason I don't like the guy that's what the state is. That's what politicians are people attempting to use the state to enrich themselves themselves through taxation eminent domain through by stealing from the people. And what they've always been since the first warlords wrote in and conquered a territory. That's what they've always done. That's what they've always existed to do. And everything like Pelosi. Democrats are saying that trump did whether it's true or not doesn't matter I mean these these war criminal just like Obama's a war criminal just like Bush is a war criminal justice they're all criminals. Let's see if they were to actually be impeached for being were criminals they would all be. Impeached represented yes. I would tend to agree. But that's why they're never going to impeach him for that because they'd have to impeach themselves right. The Democrat pizzas Senator Senator. I've never given any thought whatsoever to that. The Democrats and the Republicans are just the same wing of the same Nasty Evil Bird. That is just terrible. Yeah the the state does nothing good like the. US is probably the most.

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