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M. P. when eighty dot com E. M. P. when eighty weight loss empowering a healthier you it's one eighteen traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks you're quite right so far in Maryland along I ninety five the Baltimore Washington parkway headed south toward the capital beltway no incidents anyway currently and if you're traveling on the parkway inside the belly headed down toward the district line again moving along without issue so far now if you're traveling on two seventy south from Frederick downs the beltway pretty quiet ride so far no major issues in your way on the ballet someone coming in prince George's county is relatively quiet right but don't forget about the work sound on the album for forging acts of fifteen to fourteen Central Avenue two left lanes catcher by another words as you approach the split in the new work sound are you stay left to get around the work you do have access to the exit for Central Avenue and you can go either east or west on Central Avenue from that exit ramp keep money are working he's found central is gonna needs about why single file left past the works on Montgomery County eastbound Maryland two hundred traffic diverted to shady Grove road that as a result of the weekend work are you father posted detour to rejoin our these founding survive Maryland two hundred via Georgia Avenue so again just allow yourself some extra time if you're gonna commit to the westbound I'm not affected you are in good shape headed out for two seventy are they were checking for a vehicle fire in Montgomery County in the area of Columbia pike southbound here Dustin Rhodes police and fire rescue responding to that area checking mirrors for first responders Richard WTOP traffic hope you've got the umbrella with you now temperatures are going to be in the low fifties so it's gonna feel cool so make sure you have a code as well today rain is on and off it'll be cloudy for your.

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