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Yeah good speaking of those bonus ups yeah we got some bonus ups for you well laura supervised the brand new show that you've made only for max fun donor done it was so good could you i've talked about this okay tell bonus episode it would shooting the breeze and it's just two cheese mongers out former cheesemongers cheesemongers one cheese monger knows a shit ton about cheese and the other cheese monger not as much of hangs back say that one time on jordan jesse go the other cheese said his favorite cheese was mexican blend three ts mexican land good job kroger one of them work at a really high end cheese shop in london and the other slum that has silverlake sure i'm gonna say which ones winnow but you both you and john hodgman had worked as cheesemongers in the past yes and we did a which is a one and done never to be repeated podcast extravaganza john hodgman i shooting the breeze i e s talking about cheese we're talking to a famous french cheese man and you know it's kind of a fun condo about food but also the world of shitty first jobs by the way let me just say that the name does not do justice because it's kind of get it's very gimmick shooting the breeze it was fucking interesting i was i was listening yeah i think driving somewhere and i like stopped and listened like in the driveway because i wanted to i wanted to hear how it was it was really it was really interesting.

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