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Funk fiction. As we kick it off for your Thursday night music mix right here on KCRW new single called loop six. The classics. Sylvia strickland's. You can't turn me away. The meters gave us hand grabbing song. Gotta leans planets Planeta with I predict a riot. With coming cover thoughts. On reissue, courtesy of Verona records. Originally released in one thousand nine hundred eight straight out of Egypt, Ali Hassan, Kuban and friends the album from Nubia to Cairo. Coming up the latest from Vermont, Georgia, Ann Waldron. New project from Andy Shaw, Darryl kissing. They are FOX Warren. Yellow days new song from Rosie low remixed brand new, Mike. Yokozuna friendly. Fires. Addison pack. Lots more to share. Thanks for joining us. Stay tuned. KCRW music..

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