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He's just drawing play on a reporter's face draw on the camera. Terry stop got some votes, which is fine coat, but best coach. Yeah, I don't. I don't know about that one. Yeah. Pop got thirty percent down from eighty two percent. Reu- dantonio Steve tied at seven percent, Rick Carlisle, Quin Snyder, Terry coach of the year, Quin Snyder and Terry Stotts all receiving votes. I mean, I do think those are probably the four best coaches in the NBA. Like the four that they listed? Yeah, I don't that order or the names listed which head coach is the best. This is this is where like trying comes off the tracks from almost immediately. Which had coach is the best manager motivator of people. This is where pop should've taken the big, the big dip. If it's a person than, yeah. This people last year pop had sixty two percent. Now he's at forty seven still in the top spot, Steve Kerr number two, twenty percent, which I don't even. How's he motivated? Anyone would that. I feel like he should either be one hundred zero. It's either zero because talents, good enough or it's one hundred because it's like, yeah, they're so good enough. They they could fuck around for eighty two games still. He's like, come on guys. We went if the five like please. Yeah, we don't eat home court, but like the three seed would be nice. I'd like it. I was restaurants like my wife in the playoffs. Please Stevens was in third at seventeen percents, Spoelstra number four who we didn't even receive votes in the other category, but seven percent, neither the coach of the year, Dwayne, Casey fired, wink cases. Yeah. Brett Brown received votes twin. They receive votes, Doc, Rivers receive votes, which I mean, this is really all he does. So he should have received votes. Yes. I say if he got any votes for like best in game adjustment, our best special team is often. Oh, you did. Oh, I'm sure because which had coach makes the best in game adjustments last year, Rick, Carlisle, thirty, four percent. This is definitely where I'd have Stevens one and he is at fifty three percent. Popovich poverty to thirteen percent Carlisle in Quincy Neider, both at ten percent Doc Rivers in our expulsed at seven percents. That's where the math gets Boise if I'm supposed to piss live it absolutely live it. Beside myself, which had coach runs the best offense. This last year. It was Steve fifty nine percent this year at Steve Kerr at forty percent? Yeah. I mean, he's his offenses, Kevin Durant in Steph, curry. Go do stuff. It works. I'll be the first minute in added DeMarcus cousins that he didn't vote this year. Mike, Dan, Tony, second at twenty three percent, which also feels correct because that's just what he does is offense again another terrorist Terry, Stotts thea, three percent. So I think like the Portland GM voted for Terry Stotts three times. It must have been even then offer like nobody else got honorable mention, one vote, that'd be three percent. Everybody. It was a twenty six Taffer. Yeah. I mean, this math would appear to add up to one hundred percent, so maybe they just weren't others receiving votes. These were all the votes, Brad Stevens, twenty percent, Quin Snyder, thirteen. Sure. Which head coach is the best defensive schemes. Last year he received votes last year was Greg Bob forty. One percent. Pop drop down to three. Steve got week last year. Quincy Neiderman simple line coincide at thirty three percent, which. Again, feels generous because that was really like when go bear came back the number one defense, they didn't for the entire season because he wasn't there. So I, this one, I would also argue Stevens should be first. Hates night because I don't know what they were without him, but it was good enough. Yeah, he did. He didn't play a lot of games. It was a large sample size. He's neither win there. Stephen second at thirty percent. So the one got one extra guy would appear to voted Snyder to give them the edge that will vote. You son of a bitch, hey, I've never been afraid to pill back the curtain on my ballot. It's true, especially during the hall of fame process, grit. I look, I campaigned for that. That was me. It's fine. Current tebow both tied at four with seven percent. Yeah, still, Steve Kerr should be upset. Definitely. Who's the best assistant coach in the NBA. So these are like, who are the next head coaches in the NBA?.

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