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Cast one. Jeez. Finally Sunday night football. Nick foles did it again. The eagles upset the Rams in Los Angeles last night the finalists thirty to twenty three. What a surprise and whether performance by the Philadelphia Eagles. You know, they they were up by seventeen at one point after Jared Goff. Just had a brain fart of a you know, he dropped the ball. And then tried to throw it ill advised. It was intercepted by Corey Graham. And the eagles scored again and look. I'll give the Rams credit. They kept battling. And they made a one score gaming and they had the ball at the end through the ball in the end zone with a chance to tie it. But not able to come all the way back. It was a really impressive performance by the eagles. They ran the ball well times, Nick foles. I don't know what that guy. But when they have to have it Nick foles gets it done a lot of it was him bride just giving out Sean Jeffrey a chance to make a plan the ball. You're just kind of throwing it up and giving out Sean Jeffrey chance to make a play. He was able to do it. You know, the eagles had to settle for fuel goals a couple of times, but they just kept playing tremendous game by them defensively. Fletcher. Cox was incredible. Michael Bennett making plays. I'm stunned that the Rams couldn't throw the ball better and more on the eagles than they did. Tiger lee. Actually, it's. Nice runs. But wow, Rams given the given the saints and breathing room for home field advantage and the eagles putting themselves right back in there in that playoff mix. Where a lot of people thought, I don't know not going to happen for them. What an impressive performance by B D N. That's Nick foles initials. His nickname is big something, Nick. And he was he was big something Nick last night. Huge win for the eagles in Rams going to have to play in the Superdome. More than likely. Now, if they're even able to win they're even if they're even able to get a BI at this point because now the bears are breathing down their throat, what an impressive and surprising outcome last night to end the action. Awesome awesome. Wade ended that'll do it for a month or Monday edition of the Ross Tucker football podcast. Of course, tomorrow, we've got power rankings Tuesday and the college draft podcast lot of college draft news and bowl games. Dive into right now. I think we're done here. Listening to the Tokar football podcast, make sure to subscribe to the fantasy feast even money and the college draft podcasts all available on I tunes and Ross Tucker dot com or wherever podcasts can be found.

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