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Is December first I believe the Hey Ryan and I have a thing we're going to the Minnesota wild game with listeners how it is do you want to study together I think that we could meet in the middle on hiring a finalist early or talk about it when we were digging into the beat but a list of some of the best books the best movies and the best TV shows of the last decade because guys not sure if you know this decade is about to come to a close what did you accomplish and we'll dig into some of those things after the break on down and see it on my talk on a seven one everything entertainment Lori and Julia so how does she have a beautiful hello I can the song that you're you're so not even good at lying let me look at his hand serene show tune to another song maybe if I saw her looking her powers issues there it's beautiful yeah well listen I'm wanted just Dancin can make a pot like pasta like you could that be good cooking socks and maybe some Laurie bringing you everything entertainment Lori.

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