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This makes the company with one point eight trillion dollars supporters of independence have won an overwhelming victory in the referendum on the Bougainville islands the authorities say almost ninety eight percent of those who calls that ballots bags separation of the South Pacific islands from Papua New Guinea and what's being seen as a major defeat for Hong Kong's Beijing back to authorities a group of international experience is resigning from his role in investigating the temperatures police force the panel said the police watched okay to advises couldn't properly investigate reports that the police had used excessive force against protesters the B. Morris quakes on whites islands in New Zealand leading to further delays in the recovery of the victims of mold of Monday's full kind of corruption experts said the tremors are likely to continue they've been angry protests in Mexico against a painting of the revolutionary leader Emiliano Zapata striking a chord pose on a horse notices he wanted to link the revolutionary leader to the struggle for LGBT rights but the protests in say the naked portrayed mocks him BBC news hi Adrian this is Laurie calling hi are you hello and welcome to in the studio from the BBC world service see recent meet some of the world's most creative people and finds out how they think and work I think there are two things we could do that one would be the office here in how would work and what we're doing yeah another one hundred features thank you Khan architecture center if our project I'm a lucky she and Reese and I'm heading to Chicago to meet Adrian Smith the man who designed the world's tallest building Burj Khalifa in Dubai is designed for judges how in Saudi Arabia will take over the title once construction is complete with the building more than one kilometer high I want to find out what motivates amount to keep building toward that and I want to understand his personal ambition for creative architecture a tourist kind well the problem of your national I need a tree in the Chicago architectural center Adrian's phone designed this two story building which overlooks the Chicago River and its houses models of many famous architects buildings from around the world this is the model of for the Chicago area as well central area going down to John Hancock and over to McCormick place it.

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