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During the Koven 19 pandemic visitors today it r b medical supply dot com r b medical supply dot com. Mix of sun and clouds this afternoon heading for a high of 90. We're almost there right now. Skies are sunny and it's 89 degrees. Good afternoon. I'm Larry Cantor wins news time at the tone. 2 30 Good afternoon. I'm Susan Richardson News for New Yorkers Hoping to get a driver's license governor, Cuomo says the five hour driver training course can now be done remotely. We understand that student drivers can't appear in person. And this will allow them to participate. Online so they can get their driver's license and they can do it safely during his daily Corona virus briefing, the governor also announced Gulf US Open will be held September 14 through the 20th up in Mamaroneck. No fans, though, will be allowed. And New York continues to lend a helping hand to state struggling through virus spikes. Today, the governor announced, the state will establish a testing site at a church in ST Petersburg, Florida. As for the numbers here, both hospitalizations and Intubation Zahra at their lowest point since mid March. There were five Kuroda virus debts in New York yesterday. The news not as good in New Jersey governor Murphy says the state have seen about 2000 new cases in the past two weeks. And so he's doubled down on his call for everyone to act safely as possible. Yes, it's summer. Yes, we all want and in many cases need to blow off some steam. But this is no time for anyone. To be vying for induction into the Knucklehead Hall of Fame. Governor says dozens of cases are linked to house parties in Middletown and on L B I. It's yet to be determined whether anyone got sick in a 700 person gathering in Jackson. Texas congressman next from a presidential trip today. That's because he's got the virus will have that coming up. Wins news time to 31 traffic and transit. Here's Greg Rice when we go to Brooklyn westbound beat me right before Wife Avenue. In fact, right at the White, Haven't you exit ramp? You've got the left lane shut down, and you've also got a whole.

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