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Still questionable. He's missed a ton of action lately. You've got questionable in Denzel perryman, Carl nassib, Trayvon Mullen, not great situations on either side here, but I mean, huge line movement in favor of the Raiders because of the fact that Baker Mayfield's not going to play, came out earlier today that case Keenum has also tested positive for COVID. So the backup quarterback for the browns not going to play. Right now, what is looking like Nick Mullins is going to be the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. And it's interesting because there are a couple of schools of thought on this. One, I mean, case Keenum did help deliver a win. It was a low scoring game against the Broncos, but he did help deliver a win for the browns earlier this season on Thursday football. With that said, Mullins has been admirable at times as a backup quarterback during his time in San Francisco. And you kind of start to debate, you know, Keenum Mullins is a really a big drop off there. But to me, the larger question is there that big of a drop off between Baker Mayfield and either of these guys or is the more than 7 points of line movement associated with all this stuff. An overreaction. And I think in the quarterback side of things that it definitely isn't overreaction. I had a Baker Mayfield just hasn't been that good this season. He looked good for part of the game last week against the ravens, which, by the way, if you bet the browns, I mean, RIP, that back door was unbelievably unfortunate. They were dominating the ravens. Lamar Jackson is knocked out injured. And all of a sudden, the browns offense ground to a halt. Tyler Huntley leads a multi possession backdoor situation for the ravens. I mean, thoughts and prayers if you had the Cleveland Browns last week against the spread and you laid those points, but I think the larger point is Baker Mayfield even in that game when he did play well for the most part, he didn't play four full core is a good football. He just didn't. And Nick Mullins isn't going to blow the doors off of anybody, but I don't think he's going to be demonstrably worse than Baker Mayfield's been for much of this season. The concerns, of course, for the browns do go beyond Baker Mayfield to this game. You've got some offensive line troubles. You got Austin hooper, Jarvis Landry on the COVID list as well. So it is certainly not isolated to Baker Mayfield in case Keenum here. But I still think that this much line movement might be a bit of an overreaction against the Raiders team, by the way, one in 5 both straight up and against the spread over the last 6 games. And you look at their defense over the last three games, allowing 6 yards of play on defense tied for last in the NFL over that time frame to Green Bay Packers the other team allowing 6 yards of play defensively over the last three weeks. We have to remember, the packers have actually been winning football games unlike the Las Vegas Raiders. I would be in the browns here as a slight underdog. You know, it might sound a little crazy with all the COVID stuff going on. I don't think I feel strongly enough to bet anything right now in the NFL with all the COVID situations. There are calls from the players union to delay the season by a week. I mean, who knows where we're gonna end up? I could be posting table tennis previews on ATS. I own next week for all I know with the way things are going, both in the NFL and the NBA pertaining to COVID-19 college basketball as well. But I would lean slightly toward the Cleveland Browns here. Listen, the Raiders have not done enough lately to prove to me that they can win as a slight favorite, especially on the road even with all the COVID stuff. My guy boat down here this game unbeatable as far as I'm concerned. I do not disagree with that take. One bit. So let's move on here. Saturday football, one more Saturday game. To look forward to and it is going to be again another good one. They really nailed it with the Saturday schedule, even with the browns COVID situation. We're talking patriots and cults up next up here on the GBI show. Patriots two and a half point dogs on the road total of 46 patriots coming off the bay, colts coming off the bay as well. So we're going to see two well rested teams. Of course, the last time we saw the Patriots was that memorable three pass attempt game for Mac Jones, they won in the high winds in Orchard park against the bill's kudos to them for doing that huge for the AFC east race. And of course, the colts, their last time out, well, I mean, they've been playing pretty well in their own right, but here's what I think of this game. I think that you have a situation where both of these teams playing well defensively. I love the colts running game right now. I think that is the deciding factor in this contest. I both of these teams allowing under 5 yards of play there last three games. Both in the top 5 in the NFL in that regard. I think the difference in this game is the fact you can rely on the colts running game more than you can any other unit, right? Patriots defense gonna try and make the colts play a lot of predictable third and long situations where Carson Wentz is going to have to air it out. But this is not a colts team that has to throw the ball deep in order to be successful. Bill Belichick at his best when he's taking away receiving options from the opposing team. This is a colts team that doesn't prioritize it's receiving options one bit. I think that is significant here. I also think significant is the fact that Carson Wentz just hasn't been turning the ball over this season. Now you look at Carson Wentz, he's done 5 interceptions. He's been really good at not ruining games for the colts, the way that he did for the eagles during much of his career. And it sounds silly, right? Because Carson Wentz and turnovers, it's like those inkblot tests that a psychiatrist will give you. I mean, I have no personal experience with them, but you know if you ever seen a movie where somebody's at a psychiatrist, just looking at the ink block test, if I saw the word turnovers in the ink blots, I would say Carson Wentz or vice versa. That hasn't been the case this year, Carson Wentz has done a really nice job of not turning the football over. And I think that is going to be again significant against a team in the Patriots that really praise on quarterbacks who turn the ball over as long as he does not revert to the old Carson Wentz.

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