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In the, uh And the Iranians as a new president, and you know, and believe me, the Supreme leader calls all the shots there, but certainly that leader himself were likely attempt still. Carry that out and unlikely to be done before. The Jcpoa deal is signed. I don't believe they want to do anything to To turn the United States off of, I think, reentering the fundamentally flawed deal and doing it all over again as we're about to do, right. I mean, I know that the President Biden wants to rejoin the Iranian nuclear deal. Do you think that they have been testing? President Biden's resolved with these drone attacks going after Americans or those who are linked to U. S forces in Iraq. I don't think it has so much to do with President Biden to be Frank, I think they sort of have a general sense of who Biden is because he was so much a part. You know the Obama administration and he was the one that recommended the troops leave Iraq in 2011. And he was the envoy to Iraq for the president than President. Obama accepted that. A decision that they likely came to regret because we got the barbaric Isis and conducted hundreds of attacks and killed thousands of thousands of people as a result of that. I think it really is the pattern that they want the United States out. Of the Middle East, and they certainly wanted out of Iraq. The United States is leaving. Afghanistan, which is on their eastern border, and as far as they're concerned, that is a major political victory for them, and they want the same result. In Iraq, and that's why this pattern is continue. This pattern was going on during the Trump administration, admittedly less Because I think they frankly feared President Trump more But it is continuing in the buying administration. I don't think it's as much of a test about it is just that. Keep the pressure up. On the Iraqi politicians to eventually affect the United States from Iraq. Well, there were plenty in Iraq who wanted the US to leave after the Sulamani attack in early 2020. There was even a non binding resolution that passed the Iraq parliament calling for foreign troops to leave the country. Obviously, we haven't Do you see a day in which President Biden says, you know enough. Let's get out of Iraq as well. I do sadly, because he recommended that once before, and he's just done it in Afghanistan, So I think you know we are on the side that that's probably where he's coming from. Rough instead at interesting that you mentioned that parliamentary resolution and, uh, a lot of you brought that up. Many people didn't realize it existed, but they had a provision in there. They left the decision up to the prime minister. They had a political obligation for the United States sleeve that was their majority vote. But they left the final decision up to the prime minister, and his decision is At least for the time being. You know, he wants the United States troops there and the reason he wants and there Is the counterbalance, Give him political strength dealing with the Iranians who are attempting to undermine his government and encroach on it, you know, severely Lastly, You mentioned that we may have to do another. Do you think a third and larger and possibly more deadly strike aimed at Iran backed militia could be coming soon? I think if, uh it will probably take us a number of weeks to see if this strike Accomplishes what it's intended to do, but my gut feel is this just looking at it and getting a sense of it. I don't think it's going to be sufficient to deter them. General Jack Keane, retired four star general chairman of the Institute for the Study of War and Fox News. Senior Strategic analyst. Always good to talk to you. Thanks so much. Yeah. Great talking to you. Thank.

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