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Let me grab my phone but that's not as good as sad getty. It's Kinda good but it's not a competition which is which is good to nothing sadder than in this eating a sandwich. Why sandwiches a fast heels. It's weird. It's it's sadder somebody eating a sandwich alone than somebody having like a four course meal alone why. I don't like the thought. I don't know I have something weird. It's triggering okay. We've used this before. The word is countdown Tom but now we've no but listen. Someone took the time to make an official like dictionary and attrition. Okay countdown went. No this wasn't me. It was a girl in a facebook group countdown. When you're type A personality causes you to Spyro inspired by the Queen of Taipei Ladies Kelsey night example. The disorganization of that meeting caused me to have a major jerk kelt down. That's pretty good. Should we use that definition for a book. We think it's an Oh yeah that's good idea the new definition okay. I had a major FAUX PAS as my bad week Faux Faux Pas. I had an accidental meat meat eating. Oh I've done that when I was vegetarian. Oh so I had lunch with my friend in Toronto and she ordered the baked eggs and they looked a delicious awesome and I was like I'm going to order the baked eggs for the next day breakfast so ordered them and I'm eating away eating and I was like wait a second. This is too good. This isn't tomato sauce. This is meat sauce and it was delicious and it was pretty good and and I was eating eating and then I looked at my producers is this meat and this does not meet desert sun dried tomatoes and then he tasted. That's definitely meet so so I had an accidental meeting and meet your stomach explode no but nobody's dies it doesn't it's. That's an old west. That's not true and I cut certain things out of my diet and revisit them again like dairy meat though or dairy. I'm never cut me off for like a day. I don't think meets the problem I ain't isn't the problem doesn't like make people like shit their pants. It's like the dare like I would think that your stomach would freak out. I had Timothy B. Find when I meet for the first time in like eight years. I was fine yeah most back on the meat. I'm letting everyone know that I'm not back. But how good was that I had. It's been the last time not me no the last time I had an accidental meeting. I think in two thousand seven and I had an accidental bacon in a Mac and cheese in the south south. I had an accidental ate pork spring rolls in China. Shit and I thought their Veggie and I'm like why is the the best Chinese meal I've ever had and then my friend after I finished all eight of 'em she's like. I can't believe you decided to eat meat for the first China's probably anyway all right all right well when we come back. She's here Kimberly Perry so our family is a big meat eating family. We love beef. We love chicken. We Love Salmon. let me tell you about butcher box. It comes to your door. It's nine to eleven pounds of meat enough for twenty four individuals. It's packed fresh shipped frozen and vacuum. Ucla you can customize it or do one of curated. They sent one of their curated over to me because I didn't think about it and it was absolute perfection. There's wild caught Salmon grass-fed and finish Ashby which is if you haven't done your research what you should be eating and only what you should be eating free range organic chicken free range organic chicken. I can't speak I'm so excited. Heritage Breed pork doc wild caught salmon. I think I mentioned that it was so good but what's great is its high quality. It's better for you better for the animal and better for the environment and it is time now to to pay attention to what you're putting in your body so right now butcher boxes offering new members ground beef for life. That's two pounds of ground beef in every box for the life of of your subscription plus.

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