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So we're going to start start wrapping up here in just a sec <hes> thank you guys coming out awesome diggers around long. Thank you and thank you be guy. Oh fuck me. I didn't even see the guy someone is dressed up in a costume. That's fucking awesome. This is the oh man that's here to kill us tonight. Six p reynoso the shit that he just screamed the thing that jokers screams before he murders card yup another another quick question. Is there a paul bauer here. End up paul paul our introducing the paul our power has attended every single show this week round of applause for power that is some insane shit and areas right there. That is dedication boston d._c. Where philadelphia we were at me where i'm getting loopy. Was it worth it. Oh don't lie to the people would've brought the house down if you said no you really is this guy he's polite. It doesn't mean that so as is the case <hes> forever. We ain't movies live show. We like to end it with a little bit of internet correspondence because the the best quickest way to get the most accurate and entertaining information go on the internet and find shit on the i._m._d._b. Be user reviews action. This is where the real opinions are at people. I one we've got a couple of your first. One comes from star ocean boy seems like there should have been a sixty nine at the end of the name that worked backwards storrow should boy sixty-nine fifty nine one first and then. I'll take that i'll take usually it's the other way around. Sixty nine was taken. Yes exactly that's it backwards. Okay okay so here. We go great movie ten out of ten stars well. I thought the movie was absolutely fantastic. The story was not not only perplexing but captivating is well. I don't agree with the majority of shuns for this film and the reason may be that i have not had the opportunity to see the original film yet forty fucking years man and also i'm not amish uh so i have nothing to compare it to i was amazed at nicolas cage's portrayal of edward malice and also the pagan people have summers. I'll the movie confuse. The hell out of me always want you want when you go see man. I love being confused. I love like going to the movies paying twenty dollars to be confused. The great movies always perplex. You and i found myself trying to grasp asp and for all the information i could because i was trying to understand exactly what this movie was about. I'm waiting for the part when we get to what justifies the ten out of ten stars so far. It's pretty wishy washy. I felt that i could not quite comprehend until until it finally ended and then i still didn't understand ah the reason being was because i did not understand why the community created this elaborate plan to lure in deceive a man who knew nothing of them that his ex fiancee would allow allow their daughter to send him a fire and why the townspeople sat there and watched a man burned to death. I wasn't listening ellen. Burstyn laid it all out. Maybe went to the bathroom. What ten out of ten means that means like the best the wicker man there will be <hes> <hes> sure sure sure essentially this is what makes the movie a must see for anyone despite the reviews it allows you to think for for yourself and in the end in the end what you thought is not what is reality you know i never thought doc for myself before but i just watched the neal byu remake of the wicker man and now i'm thinking to myself again red pills yeah. Their words unplugged from the hive..

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