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I never ever had any sort of interaction with Jeanne be, you know, Awa WWF post WWF. This was not, you know, warm and sincere. Gene was a great guy. Whether it was that, you know, some charity thing or event or just happenstance. You know, you'd always greet me. We talk you know, how you doing? What are you up to? So I you know, I didn't see him all that much. I didn't you know, hang out with him. It we never like said. Hey, let's go have lunch. But it was always great when we had a chance to whether it was some event that brought us together or just you know, happen stance. You know being in town. So I'll close with this. Is there a story about gene, probably from the Awa days that my questioning? Thing didn't bring out of you. That didn't get brought up that helps paint a picture of who he was for people who who wanna know more about them or just want to have a funny story to tell others. Nothing comes to mind, but. Gene was. In real life. Gene was probably closer to the gene people saw on TV. Then most people would have thought if that makes sense. Absolutely. Yeah. And the the the the one thing his passing brought to mind. In fact, I I found out I got a text from from someone I think, you know, ad Hellier, you know, from steel domain wrestling, you know, here here in the twin cities he had sent me a tax, and he said, you know, anything about gene Oakland passing away..

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