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He had eighteen called strikes only eighteen compared to von Hernandez is thirty seven thirty seven. He had seventeen swing and misses that's five more swing and misses than LeVine. Hernandez and Twenty-eight by contact von Hernandez punched out sixteen fucking dudes. Greg Maddux nine you wanna know why that's the answer to is. Because for like, Jim Joyce, obviously that was an incredibly embarrassing and costly mistake and took all arrive as biggest moment away from him. But it was one singular decision and Eric Gregg made like a hundred and fifty bad decision. Yeah. Decision to wake up and put the fucking gear on and follow through with the day. Was the decision that he shouldn't have made crazy jed? Not that it was costly in that series. But the first thing that obviously comes to mind was the fan of tag in the ninety nine Red Sox Yankees where it just there was you could have fit fuck in yokozuna. Jose offerman. And I believe it was Chuck knob lock it was. So agreed this that like Tim Carver think on the broadcast what they call them up because he was out of the baselines. No, Tim was perfectly within the baseline. I don't think it had anything to do with that. It was like, obviously, that's not the worst. Call of all time. It was the worst one I've ever seen with my own two eyes. But certainly not the most costly. Wow. Good segment. Good Twitter questions this week. Yeah. Jared wanna tell us about roughing rowdy seven. Yes. So Friday night. It'll be by the way, mardi mush asked me to come out to the ring with him. I don't know if I'm going to do it. It's not because I love mardi mush. I do love mardi mush. But I also like map Brown. It'd be weird. It'd be like if you Jay Fahd each other at rough and rowdy in Dallas was like you're gonna be in my corner. It's like, well, then that means that I'm not. Jay Hayes corner. Jay erupted rowdy, probably fighting your ass too at the same time. So fucking worry about that. Let's say hypothetically that that wasn't the case. It's like, I don't know. Do I want to do I want? You gotta go with the guy who owns a parrot. I know. But I mean. Man Brown's ELLs the fucking. Advertiser redacted ads for us. So I mean, he he puts food on my table. How am I supposed to be a, hey, fuck you for making me some money, and then going the other guys corner? I it's it's hard. That's why I'd feel like I'd rather just not get involved at rather. Just enjoy the fight the barstool dispirited it's fine as their Jared knows that Brown who puts food on his table in money in his pocket. I've never met Brown. Who conceivably would also do the same for me? Well, he's the Yankee he used to be a Twitter troll like he he he's he was a bar still fan who is a Yankee fan who used to shirt me on Twitter about Yankee stuff. And then he got a job at Barcelona our fronts. Cute. Yeah. So it's weird. It's Gano feel like it'd be cool to be involved. I just don't know the fight that I'm looking forward to is the chef come on Sean late. Is about to fuck in cooking. I think he's fighting like a troll. And it was a dude. Yeah. Did you meet this guy? Jay. Yeah. So I guess he was like shit talk and mantis or something like that and twenty dollars shift just ain't about that punk bitch life. So he's gonna knock them out at rough and rowdy. But. Yeah. Mardi mardi moisture versus Matt Brown. I'm looking forward to that fight the environment's going to be crazy because it's like, you know, I got people in the media hit me up. Hey, can I get some tickets to the barstool party? Like there is no bar still party. We're doing rough and rowdy. And I guess the way that it's set up is almost like they're putting the ring in the middle of a party almost. So it's like it's going to be a very unique something that you've never seen before type environment at a rough and rowdy seven. So be sure to to do that is by rough and rowdy dot com. Ruffin rowdy dot com. Save twenty percent right now to go to roughened rowdy dot com and go to buy Ruffin, rowdy dot com. The twenty bucks on the day of..

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