Heartland Hall, Michael J Fox, President Trump discussed on Science Fantastic Live with Dr. Michio Kaku


Observed in the lab so we've detected the casimir vacuum and it has a negative energy density so it's a quantum effect and that's what he was relying on there's also a slight negative energy dance today fact around a black hole that slowly causes the black hole to evaporate this is the hawking radiation so the heartland hall talking vacuum around a black hole has a slight negative energy density so i think that these are not as far fetched as people might at i think now every once in a while someone says that they've been able to create a design for a time machine that they can put in their garage now given the fact that we're talking about black holes we're talking about tiny amounts of energy from the casimir effect don't you think that it's a little bit premature for these basement inventors to announce that they've created a time machine in their in their basement right loop of string that i was talking about this might be a fraction of the massive our galaxy so this is this is not something you're going to be making in your garage but we're we're interested in these the theoretical possibility for them because to realize these things may maybe possible we may have to learn about the laws of quantum gravity and this is the topic of great interest so they're they're a great thought experiment to explore physics in the extreme and of course einstein was talking about the patients traveling near the speed of light and ended up with equals mc squared which had practical consequences yes i think so so in other words i guess we should not expect any any amateur inventor to come up with a time machine in their basement anytime soon but now let's talk about the paradox is you get if you build a time machine if you could go backwards in time like what michael j fox did and monkey around with the past don't you thereby change the present in fact change the president in a way which is logically impossible like for example if you go backwards in time it commit suicide how could you be alive could you just committed suicide in the past so what are your thoughts about all the paradoxes that fuel many hollywood science fiction movies foolish to today's problems these socalled grandmother if you killed your grandmother the first one the more conservative one is that.

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