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So which plague would've you given like the first one. I don't handle discomfort well. Hey everybody i'm ashley and i'm kristen and i'm meredith. We want to welcome you to inspire conversations. The podcast steady of the book inspired sling giants walking on water and learning to love the bible by rachel held evans. The book is available in paperback and audio. So please follow along with us. Even if you aren't reading. I think you'll still find this conversation beneficial in your own faith journey today. We're gonna dive into this introduction of the book rachel's journey with the bible and our own and discuss why we think the book is going to be an asset to your brain andrew bookshelf. Yes meredith and i are also leading an in person and online. Study that coincides with the podcast. So we might be sharing a little bit of tidbits from our friends that we hear from there. And i don't know about you all but i've definitely wrestled with the bible and it's been a roller coaster so i'm looking forward to discussing in her author's note rachel's very first line says perhaps more than any other book i've written inspired is intended to be read wrestled with disgust debated and creatively engaged within the context of community. So we will do our very best to be community for you as we read this book together and we really need no help getting debate started looking at you ashley yeah. I am excited for some work. Sanction time for me to chat and With all to you know. Absolutely rachel. Tell the evans kicks off this introduction in a magical once upon a time field once upon a time. The bible was her childhood magic book. That told epic tales of kings queens farmers warriors giants and see monsters. She learned to be brave. Like david. clever. Like ruth and charming like esther..

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