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A lot of this is the movie that my mom had to like explain to me what what's going on like this is oh i'm sure yeah a little kid when i first saw but he goes over he's you know a bell is overdose through or in a bad way because of some some drugs and calls eddie over an any like it must've taken to the hospital not which is the couch and brings in the couches now is there anything on gift for you and palace like make me some goulash yeah i don't know how they come out and said that you know i don't know if it's because my family slovakia oh my my mom's lineage of slovakia would make goulash and that was one right it made me goulash says one of those who just stands out another one of my favorite lines is you know everyone one of the running jokes is everyone thinks bellows dead like i thought he was dead in the first sign that said is a shared jessica parker i thought he was dead he's no he's very much alive well sort of 'cause you're introduced him laying in a coffin oh yeah it's it's hard even explain because there's so many levels going there's so many sight gags going on all the times this move it yeah yeah carlos he does not deserve dismantle my shit so great a he really did have films a i don't know if he made them but he pitched called the goal goes west in doctor accua doctor i get it i like it it's crazy back in the day though like that you could get a meeting you know i mean it's not like today like you can't get a meeting with the studio executive unless like you were incredibly well connected and you know well heeled field and you've done something great but i kept thinking back in hollywood in those days he he makes a phone call and takes a meeting is just working on he's working like on the back lot he's like delivering a plant to a movie set and just like meeting people hangs out in the stock library very a f a stock footage library for a little bit yeah it does it there is a sort of idealized version of hollywood depicted in the film to yeah for sure and yeah but you could just had this a fundraiser at the brown derby and like get all your money if you get them pirata go over and talk to discover as such a sad scene what would you do for klondike bar is back in ainu snack size series starring on affairs watch on a disguise skies herself and go undercover with a hidden camera defined out like crazy things real people would do for their favorite ice cream you could see the full videos at klondike bar dot com slash videos and i'm telling you guys my favorite.

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