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It's not like I was some kind of trailblazer, but because that was at the time. So it was sort of seen as a marker. Well, you know, and I, I love finding out people's origin stories like how they wound up in the careers that their end because inevitably, I think I think people who are getting started and things have these this misconception that you know, there's this clear path that you take to doing whatever it is that you're doing, especially in the classical music world. Yes, there so not. And you know, not I, yeah. And I think that. You know, you're an unusual path. You're, you're winding paths to getting to where you are now and where you're firmly established and a voice that so many people listen to maybe what gives your writing such a fresh taken. Like I love this article, the beginner's guide to enjoy classical music because it's it's so fresh, like most of the articles that I've read about how to get started in classical music. It's like, okay, well, you wanna start with buck and periods, you know, and like all that kind of stuff like, all right. All right. Yeah, I kind of know all that, but, but your article takes us really different approach. I'm just gonna read the first couple of sentences because I feel like I really sets the tone for the rest of the article. So well, when it starts out, classical music aficionados go away. This article is not for you instead. It is for everyone who sees classical music as a private club and who feels they're standing outside the clubhouse girl. You are preaching. To me. Now I said immediately say that there is predictably commenter on the website on the article who is completely offended that I am discriminating against him with this opening because he is an admission auto. It doesn't wish to be shut out of this article. So there's really no policing everybody. No, no, never. But I do. I think it's it's such a shame that classical music and I don't think I realized quite how true this was until I wrote this article. We see it as the sort of set of predetermined hurdles that you have to leap over before. You're allowed to listen to any of the advanced stuff. Like if you don't know your basic Bach, Beethoven Brahms, and Mozart, you can't. You don't get to listen to the advanced stuff and I literally saw somebody post on a classical music website. Well, I appreciate DARA. I can't pronounce her last name the. There's a female composer from nine hundred eighteen from Croatia whose music I love whom I included in this. And this writer said, I appreciate her Buzek, but this isn't something to give to beginners. Why not? Music is truly for everybody. We don't have sort of entry level versus advanced level things in pop music, but you can't listen to Bjork because you haven't digested the Beatles yet..

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