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Shoulder like that would be so jet cn go get andrew law plays one game is careers over i would take him as opposed to kirk cousins who plays every day kirk concerts is going to be make it all this money he's done nothing at least i know there's something inside a andrew lock of these l via a damaged shoulder blood which could be aglietti that's off the table that one of those account that had already all right if you i can't have lock halfback i got to have deck i gotta ever known deck why not as you have i'll give you folz that's not fair to me you're going to give me full ship is on the super bowl arnold all right so points in falls are on this list and maybe even keen i casey i can't i can't do that i i wouldn't taking a more falls i can't cousins if you're not even me dak than taken falls can i take which will give it the dax all right i'll take their lexi man i tell you here yet owners your call real quick steven middle out how you do this stephen here up on the fan with bow boomer ngo and i'm here what's up steve what's going on jerry jerry and a high feet great great feeling once again god wanted g o what saw a couple of things first of all as far as uh fellowczech brady mcdaniel in in uh the the uh yeah i can't see bell the czech uh breed is gonna stadia one more year the bulk going to be together one more year they win the super bowl they might see one more year after that it's not like disney is is gonna come in and uh and then double check a re uh retire you you know he'll he'll just packet in i can't see brady go more than a few more years as far as garoppolo i'll get thirty seven and a half million twenty seven points 5 million a year is that guarantee uh that the the san francisco gotta get to the super bowl i mean not as an awful lot of money so i die totally know what you're saying but it's basically looking for the franchise quarterback they think they album so they pay him that's the way goes in the nfl all right there you go ready for this yes and.

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