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Going to prepare to support the national emergency declaration Senator Mitch McConnell, but those lines are not necessarily along party lines in a press release Republican congresswoman, Cathy McMorris. Rogers says quote, I do not support this decision because declaring a national emergency sets a very dangerous precedent that undermines our constitutional separation of powers, and quote, Senator Patty Murray, and other Democrats say the same thing. Jeff Pohjola, KOMO news. Attorney general Bob Ferguson is considering a lawsuit against the Trump administration on the issue. Ferguson says if the president redirects funds from Washington state to build the border wall, the state will take legal action budgets that he's looking at going after for example. Army corps of engineer. Those are governed by statute and a president cannot just willy nilly be grabbing budget, but others including Senator Mitt Romney feel the president will act appropriately. I expect the president will live within statutory bounds. And we will be able to have the border security. We need issue likely to be decided in federal court a measure seeking to change curriculum for mandated sex education in public schools is drawing heated debate. Superintendent Chris reykdal supports the Bill to require districts to teach the curriculum, which includes discussion of gender identity in elementary school districts like all other content areas with age, appropriate information grade level standards shall teach this and we empower parents to make the choice to opt out Sharon Hannah questions the need for a curriculum change is something broken. Because when I look at the statistics on pregnancy on Washington, we've heard before that whatever's going on right now in the state of Washington is working the committee will vote on whether to send the Bill to the full Senate in the coming. Weeks a Bill to protect hotel workers and other vulnerable employees who often work alone and night passed out of the state Senate yesterday Senator Karen Keyser cosponsored, the legislation to require employers to adopt sexual harassment policies and training for supervisors this Bill protects them from retaliation and assault and harassment. It also provides for an electron electric panic button. For those in isolated situations measure passed out of the Senate unanimously now heads to the house. Komo news time five ten now. Sports from the Harley exterior sports desk. All right. We got the Thursday night doghouse coming your way this evening right here on KOMO news with komo's Bill Swartz from seventy eight nice lineup for Bill. Not only talking about a U dub basketball with huskies and Cougars meeting in men's and women's play this coming weekend, the men on Saturday the women on Friday also going to talk about the nine huskies he'll be making their. Way to the NFL combine and that includes running back miles Gaskin and quarterback Jake Browning. So that and more tonight seven eight Thursday night doghouse with komo's Bill Swartz. Meantime, number three, Gonzaga top twenty five men's college basketball on the road. At Loyola Marymount. They'll tip that off at eight o'clock number nine Houston plays at uconn rain for the Mariners in Peoria today. I spring game one week from today against the Oakland as well. More sports coming your way in thirty minutes the budget and border wall compromise is a done deal. But it is still not enough for President Trump, and he will sign the Bill, but then he'll declare a national emergency. And that news came from Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, I've just had an opportunity to.

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