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A no one's really said much about his size but peace putting a big numbers emits bigger than yes definitely i've always looked up the drew brees i'm always watch tape on him as some guy that i rotate to emulate and try to be like and you know i really think it it's not about the size is not about you know the the physical traits as its mentally are you are you prepared to go in and the type of system that you go and i think that i have a lot to offer um and you know i'm just real excited for that opportunity do you enjoyed the grind not everybody has to be as all consumed is tom brady i mean that's next level that's why he's the greatest of all time there's only one of those but some people leave football at the facility and go home what you're process lay at the i mean i'm football 247 you know when you get to that level you have to be um and you know being a smart guy come from a smaller squatting i have a lot to prove so that's don't end up in the work that i put in an offseason that's how prepare i'm a little harder i try to you know have a little more ads and everyone else for sure how chaotic hasn't been for uniquely go into this process because you want to have their chance to be on the next level like you're you're counterpart is in kareem haunt yonhap which has gone team and get a chance to shine you're all this conversations about all the other quarterbacks rather its josh rose into joshua alunan sam donald but you know what i'm talking about look they're they're talking about all these other guys in all the baker mayfield face ice you guys what does it do to your your your inner strength and the drive that you feel you need to have to catapult catapulted to understand and i'm just as good as he's yeah you know what i mean i try not them i try to.

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