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Good morning. I'm scanned bunker, sees Taylor's what's happening at grass fire this morning burning near the community of mountain house in Alameda County is now one hundred percent contained that fire started at around six forty five this morning in the area of mountain house road and grantline road, only about thirty acres burned in no structures wherever threaten, but Cal fire deputy chief, Mike Martin says, because it is fire season. Every fire has the potential to become much more serious. grasses fully turn so we are in fire season we've got you know that wind blowing in from the sacramento valley right now in fires ready to go at least one resident who lives east of tracy says the smell of the smoke from that fires pretty strong and there is a smoky haze in the air no word on what started this morning's fire tears and protests parents taking their opposition to a controversial vaccine exemption bill hallway outside governor newsome's office after watching that bill clear a key legislative hurdle k._c._b._s. reporter holly qantas's hundreds were in the hearing room in sacramento and the testimony was emotional time california has some of the strictest vaccination laws kids have to be immunized to go to school or daycare but in the last year some lawmakers worried about doctors being too lenient in writing exemptions so that's why sacramento senator richard pan is pushing the bill to create new guidelines for what medical conditions would qualify for a waiver appearing before the assembly health committee he pointed to the over one thousand cases of measles now reported in the u._s. This is the most number since nineteen Ninety-two, and certainly since Musil's declare eliminated in the year two thousand this year to have an outbreaks with five hundred ninety six cases in New York City, two hundred seventy five in Rockland county, New York, and Eighty-one in Washington state, and numerous other states as well primarily in areas with low vaccination rates this week, he adjusted his proposal to win support from the governor who now says he'll sign it. But those changes didn't satisfy the hundreds of parents who pleaded for its rejection, buzzer, three, one vaccine injured child, and my kids will not be able to go to school. If this passes, I am a mother of two medically fragile children, and daughter of the most hiking, and as God is my witness. I strongly oppose this Bill. My name is Jennifer Murphy from Vacaville, California, and my son died from teed up and flu shot, I strongly opposes fill after a five hour hearing it past nine to two all Kwan KCBS, the ongoing trade war with China's having a pretty big impact in Silicon Valley, we get the details now from KCBS as Mike Colgan companies here that depend on supply. Chains for parts from around the world and having to pay more as a result of the tariffs, call, Dino CO. The Silicon Valley leadership group says it's not just businesses that are affected the impact to you. And I as consumers when we buy a product, whether it's high tech low tech, no tech groceries wide, or anything else. Those prices are going up on American citizens because of trade wars. And Terrence Gordon says that doesn't mean there aren't serious issues with China in terms of intellectual property protection, and other items that we need to address. But that doesn't require a one-size-fits-all solution of trade, wars, and tariffs in the Silicon Valley bureau by Colgan, KCBS, state auditor, says the CS uses Tim stash one and a half billion dollars in discretionary. Reserve money over a ten year period of time when tuition was going up and the leaders were lobby. The state legislature for more money. The auditor's report says he s you put the money mostly from student tuition into outside account. Instead of in the state treasury surplus accumulated between two thousand eight and eighteen over those years, the cost of tuition for state university students nearly doubled ceus. You chancellor Timothy white calls. The report misleading a says it wrongly implies that what he calls, one time funds could have been used in place of revenue sources like state funding or student tuition, just ahead on KCBS, a warning from UCSF researchers about an eating disorder that's affecting growing number of teenage boys. KCBS first for traffic..

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