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Like there was a stupid idea at then that finally gotten rid of it now where people don't see it people see it now what it is like when you have some older it can be. They're female or male. You have someone that's address the older and they're with someone younger in the formative years you're you're grooming them. You're growing them for things that it's manipulative and it's i don't yeah yeah and like it doesn't exactly go anywhere in the comics. I mean shortly. After the first the very first secret wars comics came colossus falls in love with an alien woman and breaks up with shadow cat. And it's a whole thing and then you know. So he doesn't. It's not like it goes into an in-depth relationship but it's still a little. It's still just doesn't feel quite right. You know what i mean. Yeah because when you're worship places it's not that much long. She can't be that much older than than what she is now. I mean i would say now. I mean comics time line. Wise is is totally messed up in secret wars. The first secret worst came out in the eighties as like an editorial mandate to sell toys. That's where the black spiderman comes from. The i have yes she would be like thirteen or fourteen. Then now i would say kitty pryde is probably late twenties. Maybe early thirties comics timeline. Don't think about it too hard because it'll ever make sense. But i mean that was talking about the teacher wars like when they were dating. If would that was probably like she was probably thirteen fourteen and he's still nineteen yet still not good. It's still not good agreeable number. That i'm gonna gonna come to terms with it was the biggest way to put it. Yeah but i mean in the eighties. We still got this phenomenal story. They're really just set the stage for what x. Men is going to be for the next fifty years forty years. Your dog doesn't agree..

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