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This is the news in brief from the united nations. An urgent international response is needed to prevent the crisis in myanmar from becoming a catastrophe in the heart of southeast asia and beyond un secretary general antonio guitarists wound in report to the un general assembly on wednesday. The un chief. Also said he did that. The military's grip on power would become increasingly difficult to counter. Meemaw has been in political crisis since a military coup. On the first of february it is urgent to mount a unified international and regional response to help put me and my my back on the path democratic reform mister guitar. She said in the report which called for the immediate release of present win meant state councillor. Aung sung chee and other government officials detained after the military takeover it's also called for immediate humanitarian access and assistance especially vulnerable communities among the ranger muslims the window to prevent the military from entrenching its rule cookie narrowing miscarriage continued before insisting that it was important to support the democratic aspirations of the people of myanmar. The text was approved by one hundred nine thousand nine countries. With thirty six. Including china abstaining and one bellarusse voting against vulnerable haitian men women and children on the move in. The americas should not be expelled from countries where they have found shelter. Un agencies said in a protection appeal on thursday new joint appeal by you and migration agency. I o n the refugee agency. Unhcr children's fund unicef and human rights office h chr. They highlighted that many haitians in the past decade faced a series of natural catastrophes acute food insecurity and gang violence. The situation inside. Haiti is bound to worsen because of last month's earthquake making the island unfit for them to return the added. The warning comes amid the reported expulsion of thousands of haitians from a makeshift camp on the us border with mexico. Those who've left the caribbean island include unaccompanied and separated children victims of trafficking and survivors of gender-based violence. Some may need international refugee protection while others may have different protection. Needs the un agency said before insisting that international nor prohibits collective expulsions and requires that each case be examined individually only fifteen african countries. Nearly a third of the continents of fifty four nations have now fully vaccinated ten percent of their people against cove. Nineteen that compares with almost ninety percent of high income countries. The world health organization said on thursday seychelles mauritius are fully vaccinated more than sixty percent of their populations followed by morocco at forty eight percent and tunisia. Comoros in cape vert. Around twenty percent. Most of the african countries that met the ten percent goal have relatively small populations and forty percent are small island developing states. All of these countries were able to source corona virus jabs while also receiving doses from the un partnered kovacs platform the equitable access to vaccines. Who said noted that half of the fifty two african countries that have received covert nineteen vaccines have fully vaccinated just two percent or less of their populations. Katie dartford un news..

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